Funding Cuts Causing Schools To Compromise On Education

Funding cuts are a major issue that has been harming the schools around the United Kingdom. Analysts are of the view that the funding cuts are causing the schools around the country to either shut down or to narrow down their curriculum. In either case, it is the students that are suffering by not getting a decent education. Many schools are cutting down on their curriculum, and not even replacing teachers when many of them leave due to the growing funding crisis. It would not be wrong to state here that no individual would want to continue working in a place that does not pay them their assigned wages or does not increase the wages when it is rightly due.
Some analysts of Online Assignment Help UK have been voicing their concern about the funding cuts openly which has led them to come under fire by the education sector government as well as many of their colleagues. The view that these analysts are holding is that cutting down the funds of the schools is not justified at all, as this does not resolve the problem that staffs at various schools are facing. The teachers are still demanding better pay and there is a need to improve the school structures in the entire country. However, this is something that the education sector government is not looking at.
On the other hand, some schools are misusing their power of pressurising the government. It is observed that some schools tend to see how their reaction is being taken by the government and act accordingly to either create more pressure or to decrease it. It would not be wrong to state here that this means that the schools are simply no worries about the issues that are taking place in their premises, which is that of teachers pay or shutting down schools due to no funds. Some analysts are also of the view that there is a high chance that many of these schools might be misusing the funds completely.
On a general view, the schools that are severely under pressure due to funding cuts are having the reduction of curriculum breadth, with languages, computing, design and technology and music not being considered to be cut. It should be noted here that in some schools, a school inspection was carried out which revealed that some of the specialists' teachers had left the school but the authorities of the schools had not replaced them with new teachers. Some teachers were teaching subjects which were out of their specialism. This goes to show that some of these schools do not have enough funds to support themselves or hire new teachers.
It can be said here that some of these schools should take measures on their own and work towards resolving the issue of funding. Many of these schools have started to rely solely on the government for the funds. This is something that cannot be acceptable because it goes to show that the schools are not serious about providing education to the students. There is no doubt that the blame lies with the government, due to which the crisis has occurred of not funding the schools properly and providing them with no alternatives but to opt for cuts. At the same time, schools need to take some proactive measures. They can carry out a strategy in which they focus on using the available funds in such a way that it would focus on providing a decent education to the students.

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