Nigeria Security Forces Kills Unarmed Civilians

Nigeria Security Forces Kills Unarmed MuslimsReports of extrajudicial killings by Nigerian security forces circulated widely in the aftermath of clashes last...

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Comment by Brown P on September 16, 2010 at 10:25pm
I know that Nigerian armed forces are brutal but I never new their brutality has gotten to this stage. It makes me wonder if there is any chance at all for Nigeria to get better. Whatever happened to Human Rights? Is it the Liberian kind of revolution that will be our saving grace.
Comment by ikegwu nnamdi anthony on February 16, 2010 at 9:28pm
Comment by King Solomon on February 16, 2010 at 5:25pm
could this be life Oh... my GOD,i can't watch this, i can't believe this, infact i did no what to say, i'm sorry to ask GOD why, when did humanbeing became so cheap to waste. all i pray may GOD have mercy on nigeria and save his people. pls publish this to every where let people know what is going up. thank you all
Comment by shokunbi olalekan iskilu on February 16, 2010 at 4:29pm
It is obvious that those men were unarmed,it use 2 happen everywhere in nigeria,the apo six some years back at abuja.
Comment by Shams O'Muyiwa on February 16, 2010 at 2:50pm
@ Edun Oloyede: Thanks for your comment, but we cannot hide behind the excuse that people in uniform are human and this event took place at a war front.

If Nigeria want respect in the international quarters and if we want Nigerians abroad as well as foreigners to feel comfortable about trips to Nigeria, then we people in uniform and people with power need to start being responsible and responsive. No soldier or police in developed or developing country will ignore an incident like this without public outcry. These same people you are giving excuse to are the ones responsible for robbing people outside war zones because they have the guns. If a Nigerian Police sees N20,000 with you at night, what do you think will happen? Get ready to give it ALL up or forfeit your Life. Sure they are human, yet, they are not the lowest paid in Nigeria. They hardly pay house rent or transport fare, yet they are barbaric to such an extent you can rarely trust anyone in uniform -even a relative.
Comment by edun oloyede on February 16, 2010 at 1:47pm
the isssue is a bit complex,
the fact should be known that the police, soldier are all human beings as well as the aggreived parties.
its high time we understand the fact that no man that kill with sword or otherwise will be spared.
this is a war zone, bad sight ,may God help us.
Comment by shokunbi olalekan iskilu on February 16, 2010 at 12:59pm
It's nigeria way,dis act must b investigated nd those officers must brought 2 justice.
Comment by Shams O'Muyiwa on February 15, 2010 at 3:12pm
@ EVERYONE: I thank everyone who has contributed so far.

I can see that most people are genuinely touched by this barbaric act from the police. This video clip is just an iceberg, but it should be made as a platform to demand reform of the Nigerian Police and its various policies which encourage inhumanity, corruption and injustices. If we don't, it is a matter of time before an act like this is actioned by our doorstep whichever part of Nigeria you live.

I am also happy that people feel this incident should be taken further via mailing legislatures or Facebook Petitioning in order to elicit action from Senate and government. I am worried that Nigerian Media did not think this is a serious issue, yet many people here feel gutted by what they see.

Frank: You are definitely not a bad person, you are bitter because of your personal experience. No one can take this experience from you, no one can convince you against what you witnessed. This is the reality of human experience. However, I am glad that you eventually come to terms with AbuBakar Usman Yahaya. You also thank Bashir for asking questions about Boko Haram. I hope you can see that even those Muslims in this community are not evil and unconcern and that most people here mean well. I was particularly touched when you said "Muyiwa is your friend", this made me see thru your anger and I was then able to empathise more you.

Now despite the fact that we cannot change your experience, I would like you to tone down your bitterness. No don't forget what happened to you and I'm not also asking you to forgive, but let your experience be your amour against a repeat, but let your exposure be your navigator towards making the community, the poeple are round you (regardless of their faith) and the religion live in peace. An eye for an eye will make the world go blind, therefore, yes, an eye for an eye, but only when when you are up against people who are stubborn. If someone genuinely sincerely hurt you and is genuinely sorry, the laws of God (in both the Bible and the Qur'an which preached an eye for an eye) accept that forgiveness or overlooking people's mistake is better. There is no room for wanton destruction of people or communities because of them did something wrong.

Most of the problems we have in Nigeria stem from Politics, which are carried out in the name of religion or ethnic. However, there is also problem of extremists who misinterpret their scriptures. These are amongst both Muslims and Christians unfortunately. These people are organised extremists and we can only defeat them with proper education and togetherness. It is in everybody's interest to live in peace.
Comment by Abubakar Usman Yahaya on February 15, 2010 at 5:30am
@frank am sorry for your friend breach of trust bt this can happen to anyone regardless of his religion or back ground,remember u jst said thank God for goje(muslim) so therefore there are still good Muslims that protect life and properties of others. a bad muslim or bad christian can b used and achieve any political goal thru crisis that i kw u can testify it. I was born in Gombe and i attended GSS malam sidi from 1990 t0 1995 and i witness a lot that happene there. i did my university studies in the south ile ife osun state to b precised and am fulani by tribe, i ve a lot of friends that are Christians from Gombe and osun state(yoruba) my best friend is not from the north and neither a muslim all my neighbors in Gombe are Christiana and i remember we exchange food and presents during Sallah and Christmas i stay in Buhari qtrs in Gombe. i read a lot of Christan books and am a muslim so i kw and i read a lot about my religion too. my conclusion is no religion propagates violence,yes we ve holy war in islam(jihad) bt jihad is not offensive but is a defensive war or battle so if any ignorant muslim make it an offensive war that does not make it islamic way. i saw many qu r anic verses u quoted regarding islmic jihad!.i want u to understand that qu ran was revealed in arabic and arabic is very diff with english language at times pple do translate arabic in other lang incorrectly, eg english pulurals starts from 2 while arabic start from 3,englsh second person feminine and muscline gender is thesame while is nt in arabic so u may b right best of ur deductions of the translated verses but may b wrongly translated.another example is the verse u quated concerning jihad that Mohammad(AH) to fight them(non muslims) untill they all submitt to him yes is true but something was omited there which is FITNAH maens trouble and the verse was nt completed if i may giv u the complete verse is ''fight them(non muslims)those that pursued u out of your homes and kill your children and wifes untill there is no more FITNAH (trouble)from them and they submit to u!" now is this offensive or defensive? let me refer you to a good TAFSEER qur anic translation in Enlish please try and get it and read it and make reference to it YUSUFS ALI or IBN KASEER in english.Let me tell you as far as islam concern Christanity(AHLUL KITAB) is the closest to islam and that is the only religion that a muslim is allowed to marry frm and to allow her to practice her religion as christian.then do u think thesame religion will tell u to kill your wife and go to heaven? how? Am happy u said u are from GOMBE the members of KALARE pollitical thugs are they only muslims or christians in Gombe? the answer is both, is that not politics? Islam is a region of peace and i also blieve that for ALLAH to tell me to marry a christian(ahlul kitab) chriatianity is also a religion of peace who ever misunderstood any MAY ALLAH guide him! May HE also 4giv us if we are wrong.
Comment by Green A.S.A.P. on February 14, 2010 at 4:02pm
My heart bleeds.Is this Nigeria or Somalia?These bastard officers should be point out and face execution as they did to others.I can't believe this.

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