Considering the number of people who use social media, it is clear that the presence on social networks for a company or a brand is very important. Social media marketing panel involves the use of social media accounts for successful online promotion, for market research, for communication with consumers, etc.

Due to the large number of users, social media have significant commercial potential. Companies that recognize this potential are investing resources in managing their social network accounts and building their online presence. Social media, unlike traditional media, offer another type of promotion. They allow interaction and the construction of the relationship with the public.

The term social media marketing or social media marketing refers to building a presence on social networks in order to attract, engage and convert users.

Attract - Publish interesting and attractive content for users and related to the activity of our company. Content posted on social media sites directs traffic to our website.

Engaging - Interacting with users by offering advice, asking for opinions or comments. Establishing a good relationship with users is necessary to earn their trust and their recommendations.

Convert - Convert users who are prone to purchase into their followers by creating a reputation of authority and respectful in social networks.

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