The whole rung of workers, from the foot-soldiers scavengers to the buyers to the bulk buyers who finally sell to the shippers, it is a beehive of well choreographed symmetry of activities, where individuals orderly wait for their turn. It shows that discipline is not dead in the Nigeria society but for a thuggish political class whose tragic failure to instill it within the broader society is the reason Nigeria is in comatose today. The documentary then parleys to the slaughter premises where the personality of the Fulani boy comes to light - a boy cattle-rearer who accompanied cattle to Lagos from his rural village in northern Nigeria and stayed back in Lagos - welcome to Lagos. He rose within less than ten years of his arrival to a major cattle broker and speaking five languages, four of which he learnt within the short period of time, interacting with cattle merchants and locals? This cattle broker makes 100 Naira on each head of cow he consummates its sale, and sometimes when the 'Mr Biggs' meat-contractor comes shopping can sell about 20, 000 cows in one day? For Icheoku, this Fulani cattle boy turned cattle broker is the best example there is of the 'Lagos Dream' - a progressive rising through honest decent work and enterprise among these class of decent and honest Nigerians.

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