'Welcome to Lagos' was a good documentary; at least for a change of discourse on who an average Joe-Nigerian is - not necessarily a 419 operative or a drug-courier but honest green recycling hard-worker? Moreover, the documentary specifically stated its focus was on a dump-site and not the entire city or state of Lagos or Nigeria, as was being portrayed by those alarmist politicians seeking cheap publicity? Icheoku was lost in their crying of wolf - whether their beef with BBC is that the situation does not exist or that it should not have been exposed; or simply an attempt to sanction and censure what the BBC can run or not run? But unknown to these politicians who have shut down every attempt at enacting the freedom of information act in Nigeria, the BBC as well as majority of foreign media enjoy unlimited liberty with what they take to the air; and the Lord of manor at Aso Rock's approval does not have to be first sought and received? Either case, Icheoku calls on the government and its vain-glorious politicians to just get over it and face the business of solving the myriad of problems bedevilling the Nigerians society chief among which are power, security and good roads! Get it Nigerian political leaders?

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