But as any discerning mind would, the documentary could be turned around for good and used for the good in it - its beneficial purpose:- the honest and decent Nigerians happily earning honest living! Of particular interest is the character, Eric aka Slender who is tirelessly working to earn money to pursue his musical career - take his demo to the studio and take a photograph that will adorn his upcoming album? His travails were also seen when his gang beat up Kazeem, who lost one of his eyes in the altercation and the negotiated settlement for compensation; after he was suspended from the dump-site for several months? He made a come back after his suspension and successfully had his album completed and DJs playing his song on radio, a triumph over adversity? For anyone who knows Slender, Icheoku is offering to assist him to the tune of thirty thousand Naira towards his album project, except if our offer has been overtaken by events or time. Slender is our dramatis-persona in chief as he was focused, goal-directed, always fully well that the dump-site is just but a means to an end and not necessarily an end.

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