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Comment by Just NEWS on June 3, 2010 at 10:04am
Welcome to Lagos,' the story of a dump-site somewhere in Ojota, a Lagos suburb where some enterprising Nigerians have turned a smelly stinky refuse dump-site into their own version of an oil well; and a cattle market where different young entrepreneurs emerge daily as well as the Ajegunle slum yard, where the Micheal Jacksons of Nigeria are constantly molded? It is a documentary as soul-searching, riveting and as is very instructive. For those who have not seen the documentary, Icheoku recommends you go see it; and for those who watched it but without an open mind, please go watch it again but this time, with an intellectual mind to assimilate the real subject matter of the documentary and not join the political leadership in harpooning the BBC for exposing their under-belly, creating such untold hardship in a country that is supposed to be awashed with petrol-dollars, sufficient to go round?

The dump-site is not necessarily the story in this documentary but the prowess and ingenuity of a humanity eking a living from the discarded of others; and which have taken the word recycle and green environment to another level? Think of it that what are in the landfill came from some peoples households and individuals, who threw them away as garbage; but which to the trained eyes of these slum-dogs, translates to money? To them, the dump-site is an oil well, their own allocation of the Nigeria oil wealth which provides them with something to hold unto while looking into their future and their children's future? It portrays the resilience spirit in Nigerians and shows that not every Nigerian is a criminal or 419 operative or a corrupt oil bunkerer? The dignity of labor of honest wages for honest job is what this documentary is about? The message of the documentary is the dexterity of the human spirit, where from a refuse dump have arisen entrepreneurs ranging from food vendors, manicure and pedicure providers, retailers, wholesalers of salvaged articles as well as 'love-nests' where couples are moulded with many h

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