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Comment by Collins Richard on May 11, 2010 at 3:40am
This Music is Nonsense. is IBB the worst? What about obasanjo and others who are just wearing Agbada in Aso Rock destroying Nigeria. You self wey dey sing is very stupid, how many people have you lied to and stolen from and cheated with your friends over there. What about Ribadu and others who has silently killed Nigeria. IBB is a man that many nations are afraid of and he is the only hope of we Nigerians because we need him. OBJ closed fairly used stuff coming into the country like shoes, clothes, cars and many things and this is one of the channel by which many average individuals earn their living and you did not sing this your stupid music for him but you are singing for IBB. IBB created enough job opportunities for the Nigerians and his regime is "Chop make I chop". OBJ chop alone with Yaradua and Yaradua has died alone. So shut up and die in peace or leave IBB to lead us to the promise land. I am writing from Malaysia and a true son of 9ja, Biafra in particular.

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