The convener of My Birthday Splash (MBS), Israel Arogbonlo has called on the Nigerian youths to be more proactive in their role towards national development in Nigeria.

Arogbonlo who is also an investigative reporter with CAMPUSLIFE disclosed this while marking his 25th birthday anniversary on Friday.

According to him, the essence of the MBS initiative is to spur the youths into making a greater commitment to the development of the country at large.

"The MBS initiative is out to impact the teeming population of Nigerian youths who have the potentials to make great leaders today.

"Gone are the days when youths are  leaders of tomorrow. This narrative is rote and must be changed if we must make progress as a great nation.

"What inspired me to launch this initiative which started last year (2018) was the fact that the youths are talented and innovative individuals that must be well engaged as panacea to a healthy and steady economy," he noted.

The theme for this year MBS is "Youths in the face of global dominance" while the debate topic is "Writing in Nigeria: A profession or hobby?".

The conversation will be done on Facebook and WhatsApp respectively.

Follow this link to join the conversation on WhatsApp: while you can join the conversation on Facebook @MBSacademics.

The discussion on Facebook is by 10am while that of WhatsApp will come up by 8pm on Friday, 28th of June 2019.


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