Your Super Man – Eno

Once in a while, music chooses a potential candidate to wield its nature of grace and harmony upon the masses. The art of style, delivery, melody and content is the ever glorious power the chosen one
is blessed to attain. Throughout history music has made blatant whom
would forgo this path of harmonious bliss….James Brown, Sammy Davis Jr,
Curtis Mayfield, Jimi Hendrix, Marvin Gaye, Barry White, Otis Redding,
Michael Jackson, Fela , and many more…..

Today we see the music in its many forms through DJ Screw(RIP) , R.Kelly, Akon, Timberland, Neyo and to name a few, whom have taken full advantage of the power of music.

My baby – Eno
Is music about to make another choice? That question is yet to be answered as we explore the art of ENO… an undiscovered (artist),
emotionally driven, singer/songwriter/producer/ residing in the city of
Houston TX. Born and raised in Nigeria (and various parts of the
world), this native African is true to his form and origin . With no
fear and hesitation in his drive, its clear to see that this child has
no problem claiming his a Nigerian- Houstonian ready to Pay his dues.

Out Of Control – Dj Mesta Ft Eno
Eno started out doing production for an elite Houston –based production team called Da’ Assassinz….first hit he contributed with the team was
Bobble -head with E-class and Paul wall. The song made a lot of noise
in clubs in Houston and was 1 in Dallas for a number of weeks.
Has worked with the such likes as UGK, David Banner, Big poke, lil keke,
Hawk (RIP), H-town(RIP Dino), Reggie Jamz, Slim thug, Kano, Billy Cook
and many more. And is ready to add more to the list.

Your SuperMan – Eno
With the direction and development from fellow teammates Mike Inyang and James “Jhaime” Bradshaw, ENO has proven that the diversity is well
imbedded and is ready to take full form in the music world. But the
question remains….Does he have what it takes to join the legions of men
doing it today and excel to the next level of musical legacy?

My baby - Eno, Nigerian music, Out
Of Control - Eno
, Your
SuperMan - Eno

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