Across the African continent, entrepreneurs are starting businesses, in every size & strength possible. There is a resonating belief in entrepreneurial culture for the development of the economy, job creation and social impact.  But how does one bolster entrepreneurship?

The Tony Elumelu Foundation Entrepreneurship Programme (TEEP) has devised an annual programme to empower aspiring entrepreneurs and to equip them with the essential skills required to launch and operate their businesses at the early stage of their growth.

Founder Tony O. Elumelu CON, has pledged a sum of $100 million for African entrepreneurs through TEEP, and the programme is open to the citizens and legal residents of all the 54 countries in Africa.  TEEP aims to empower 10,000 African start-ups with transformative ideas and businesses over the next decade, and will also provide them with a platform for mentorship and much-needed seed capital funding.

Do you have an idea that can transform Africa? TEEP is a historic opportunity that no aspiring entrepreneur should miss. For more details on the programme and to enroll, visit ;

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