[b][/b]YOUR FACE SAYS IT ALL. What our FACES read and depict is of utmost importance.Our faces?,YES.What determines how courageous,people would be to take a STEP towards us is to a large extent dependent on our faces.The ffg QUESTIONS will help- *What kind of face do I put on?. *One that is willing and READY to offer help as they come or one that scares people outrightly?. *Does the LOOK on our faces build courage and confidence in people with intent of seeking our help or does it read 'LOOK ELSEWHERE'?. We have to DISCOVER the category we fall into,so as to help us make required adjustments and that is the more reason we have to be POSITIVE at heart n in our thoughts as this will transform our totality,thereby reflecting on us. On my way back from church on a particular sunday with a colleague,we decided to WALK to get a glimpse of the environment.We hadnt walked for long before we started perceiving what smelled like roasted plantain.AHEAD,was a woman who happened to be the seller.We continued our walk,got to the woman and walked past her.My colleague called me by NAME n said,pazkal!,do you know,I was actually interested in buying a plantain or two but the woman's face isn't inviting.At that moment,it dawned on me that many people take DECISIONS pertaining to us based on our faces.I encourage you henceforth,to put on a POSITIVE face,a smiling and an approachable one,as this would be a step in the right direction towards making our WORLD problem free n a set of people that have got a 'YES' face.(Visit agbarap.wordpress.com). © Copyright 2012 agbarap All rights reserved. agbarap has granted theNextBigWriter, LLC non-exclusive rights to display this work on Booksie.com.

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