You've accomplished eight weeks' annual of challenges

Getting your easily on this season's new items is a acceptable allurement to complete as abounding challenges as you can, but if you administer to accomplishment all of the tasks from a accustomed week, you'll aswell complete a Blast Challenge Accomplishing so will alleviate addition bonus: a appropriate loading awning that appearance a attenuate clue pointing you to a chargeless Action Star or Banner--depending on how abounding annual sets of challenges you've completed--hiding about about the island.

If you've accomplished eight weeks' annual of challenges, you'll accept the loading awning pictured below. This one depicts the Ice King, who afresh emerged from the abstruse icy apple aloft Polar Peak and blanketed the absolute map with snow, continuing aloft a belfry overlooking the island Rocket League Items. If you attending carefully just beneath the Ice King's appropriate leg, you'll see a set of coordinates--A8, B8, A9, and B9--etched into the tower.

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