what you want may not be found at that place you placed your hope, why not look within you and discover what you can do best!!!,hush a little,can it be arranged into a service which people may want to buy? write them out and take a little time to study about such and also know if there are people that has the same potentials and what they are doing with it and how they must have succeeded to the point they are presently.
   get back to the owner which is Lord of your life,seek Him, spend quality time with him and ask him to unveil the book of your life to you.believe me He will do that for you.watch out for the kind of ideas he will put into you, write them down and work with it right away.
  the world has been waiting for you all these while!! what have you been waiting for? have you noticed that you are the best the world have ever known? now that you have known, rise up and begin to shine.
    keep the vision burning

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