Yar’adua returns........................

why is Yar'adua so power freak,even in death he just wouldnt let go.oh now i understand why he was brought back,the doctors in saudi arabia knows that he wont survive it,thus he was advised to come home and die here instead of dying in another man's land i must confess that was a good advice.if indeed his health was in good condition they will be no need for the ambulance,journalist will not be deprive from doing their work besides we all know Turia as a proud woman haba her husband must be on air atleast to prove to the world that he's still alive but she couldnt do that....aiya i pity her though but its Nigeria is not her family affair thus i will advice Yar'adua to go back to his country home in katsina and vacate Villa because he's not fit and proper.go get some rest before death finally struck and dont allow turai and others to kill you before your time.

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