Despite the presence of other email service providers, Yahoo and Gmail (Also known as Google mail) have both successfully wormed their ways into the hearts of email users across the world. But, each has its own unique qualities that set it apart from the other and made it a global preference- Gmail is the leader in this aspect. In this article, we are going to examine why most people prefer Gmail to Yahoo Mail. This way, when you are setting up your first email account or deciding where to host a new account, you’ll know which direction to go!

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Page speed: When it comes to page speed, Yahoo is scarcely as fast as Gmail. A cool thing about Gmail is that you can navigate between sections without any load time and send large attachments in a flash using Google Drive.

Security: Security wise, Gmail has been reputed for keeping user accounts safe from any form of cyber threat. This can be seen in the 2016 attempt to hack accounts, in which only about half of the amount of Gmail accounts was able to be compromised.

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Professionalism: A lot of people view Gmail to be more professional. This could be due to its ability to enable you to set up professional looking themes and host your business email accounts through Google’s business features. With this features, employees can access the clean, hassle-free high-powered email system. Also, there are a variety of add-ons that you can use with Gmail; one of which is wise stamp.

Adverts: Having ads popping up every now and then can be very annoying. To this regard, Gmail has devised a way to run the ads discreetly. These ads are nearly unnoticeable to most people and it is almost as if they are invisible. Yahoo mail does not have this feature as it still displays large image ads on the right side and a banner ad at the top of your email. If you don’t have an ad blocker installed, it can be really frustrating.

Design/User interface: Yahoo has a very simple and plain design interface. Despite having themes enabled, it still has this early-internet-days appearance which may not appeal to techies but which a portion of the population might like. Gmail on the other hand, has undergone series of design changes in .... The themes are easy to navigate and you can even sort your email into different categories so that it simple to find.

Features: Yahoo features are very basic in contrast to Gmail’s profound features which offer you the ability to attach huge attachments, add plugins/add-ons to enable more features and a whole lot more. When using Gmail, Your email experience is pretty much maximised and limitless.

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