Just saying that you want to be a writer is like saying you want to be a doctor.  With all the different specialties in medicine, unless you are going to be a general practitioner, you better come up with something better than just "I want to be a doctor".

The same thing is true with writing, even more so.  There are no general writing jobs.  Everything is a specialty.  So what do you do?  How do you decide what specialty you want to concentrate on?  That's why this article is titled "Finding Your Niche". Hopefully, after reading this, you'll have a very good idea of what it is you want to do.  

We're going to assume that you aren't quite sure what type of writing you'd like to do.  If you were, you wouldn't need to read this.  Okay, where do you begin?  Well, it's not where you think.  To simply ask yourself, "What do I want to write?" isn't going to solve anything because that's the problem, you don't know.  The way to find out what you want to write is not by asking that question, but the question, "What do I like?".  Ask yourself what your interests are.  They may not have anything to do with writing itself but they will give you a starting point. If you've finished your writing and you used some Internet resources check plagiarism percentage https://123-helpme.com/plagiarism-checker/ and you will be definitely sure that your paper is unique!

For example, let's say you love to listen to music.  You have every CD by every group from the last 20 years.  Okay, maybe you don't have any musical ability, maybe you can't rhyme two sentences if your life depended on it.  Maybe you don't know a G chord from a G string.  That doesn't mean you can't write about music.  You could be a historian, maybe write some non fiction books concentrating on the life and times of a musical group or artist.  Or maybe you can write on the various styles of music.  The field of music itself is so wide open that you should have no trouble finding something within that field that you would be interested to research and write on.  

You might be interested in politics.  Perhaps the events of the world interest you.  Maybe you've even done a study of presidents of your lifetime.  There are actually several roads you could follow in this case.  You could write a biography about presidents, or even about political events of the last 100 years.  Maybe put together a collection of the most significant events of the 20th century or, if you're not interested in history itself you might want to write a book about political science in general.  Or, moving away from books altogether, you might want to get a job for a newspaper and be a reporter.  There is a lot of creativity in the style of each reporter.  Just read some of the work of Jerry Eizenberg of the Star Ledger and you'll see that not all sports writers are alike.  

Maybe you're into something so far removed from writing that you can't possibly imagine writing about it, like matchstick collecting.  Think again, Imagine writing a book, "100 things you can make with matchsticks". It may not be a bestseller but you may be surprised to see how many people might find the topic fascinating.  

The point is, with all of the things that there are in the world, not directly related to writing, there are always going to be people who \write about them.  

Why not you be one of them?

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