Ahn'Qiraj Silithus is located in the south of the scarab isolated from the outside wall of the pull of the city of the Kingdom. Huang Jinkesuen as a fortress, the final BOSS of the Temple of Ahn'Qiraj prison - the two teams open a copy, once a condition precedent to Completion. Check Hurricane complete WOW Classic Boosting Ahn'Qiraj trailer:

It's funny, mind you choose to remember. I barely remember what I was about to be discarded things for my PhD in the first few months of 2005, but I remember the night of March 25, as if it were yesterday. Curled up in a world of Warcraft rotting hill marks the edge of my guild to kill the new generation of the world's oldest Lord Kazzak for the first time on Alleria server, and the server many players to watch in awe frustration. Drunk in that victory, we ventured into the dragon Onyxia's Lair, and killed her first, and the same evening. We resurrected, that night we realized that we are great. Kicked off the evening score the most Alleria server first boss kills a long tradition spanning several years, and in time the momentum will visit the United States accounted for 3/1 of the world's few as well.

No other group game or gave me, the www.mmobc.com kind of satisfactionThe first server to kill the boss happened in Warcraft fresh content, of course, but at that time you almost always blind. Strategy guides and Wikipedia usually do not exist, then the victory of coordination requirements, dedication formidable combination of spirit and creativity. The resulting experiment occasionally led to some funny moments, such as when my guild leader suggested that perhaps the king Ragnaros Blizzard wants us with tanks hunter flame. That did not end so well. Even so, we are proud of our failure, because failure forces us to think harder. (Fit, my guild leader's name is a failure.)

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