Working Out with Gadgets: 7 Best Apps in 2017

In the 21st century, we don't need to spend a lot of money and time to workout for a desired 6-pack abs. Popular gadgets have already replaced personal trainers for many people. Now you can workout whenever you want, wherever you want, and however, you want. The only thing you need is a gadget. It can be whether a smartphone, a tablet, or a smartwatch. Your gadget will be your personal trainer with the ability to track your fitness progress.

In order to train by yourself, you need to have a smartphone or a smartwatch (it's up to you only), an app, and a desire to workout. It doesn't matter whether you prefer training inside or outside. With the ability to use a public network, gadgets can track your progress both online and offline. The only thing to remember is to protect your device when using a public Wi-Fi signal. For this purpose, we recommend downloading a VPN service. To get the best free VPN among all existed on the Internet, go to and pick one, which meets your requirements the most. Thus, you can be sure that your private data won't be stolen while using unprotected Wi-Fi signals for outdoor workouts.

And now, let's look at some really good fitness and health apps in 2017.

7 Best Fitness Apps in 2017

The following apps will help you to build an amazing body at home while training on a daily basis and following the healthy diet.

  • Sworkit. The app is absolutely free but offers you to buy additional workouts in case you're a sports geek. With this app, you can train core, arms, legs, back, etc. Sworkit is a set of videos that guide you through all workout levels.
  • Fitstar Yoga. The app provides the basics of yoga both to increase body strength and develop flexibility. Great app for beginners.
  • MyFitnessPal. This app is one of the best tracking apps, which remind you not only of working out but also of writing down your calories. And it allows to add your friends and track the achievements of each other. MyFitnessPal tracks your daily steps, providing a full picture of the daily activity.
  • Charity Miles. This is a great app for those, who are already professional runners and those, who want to learn to run correctly. When you run, the app donates money to the charity, you've chosen.
  • Lifesum. It offers you to choose one of three goals- to be healthier, lose weight, or gain weight. Once you've set a goal, you get a set of concrete exercises, milestones, diets, etc. The app calculates how much carbs, protein, and fat you need in order to achieve the goal. It also allows you to scan a barcode of your food to calculate the exact amount of calories you take during a day.

What fitness application would you choose?

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Comment by Brucettin on December 23, 2018 at 2:44pm

Thank you for this list. I agree that nowadays it's necessary to use a vpn. Because protecting your IP address has gotten more important than ever these days. Now there are a lot of diffferent free VPN services like so you have just to find best one for you and install it to your browser or smartphone.

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