Worker’s day; what are we really celebrating?

Another celebration of worker’s day on May 1st is around the corner and I begin to wonder what we really are celebrating, is it the celebration of better working standard or the celebration of the further reduction of our poor workforce.

I look back at the last one year and I wonder what the worker’s day would mean to different people considering the news of over twenty thousand employees loosing their jobs in our different banks caused by the disaster experienced in the banking sector which was responsible for well over fifty thousand workers been pulled out of the labour market which rocked most industries from Insurance, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Shipping and even Retail to mention a few, the impact was felt by all that even the ones that were left thanked their God even with slashed pay.

Unemployment has become so bad that the future of this nation becomes a concern, its no news that we now have sophisticated and well skilled criminals who now find crime a safe haven after fruitless search for jobs, a lot is to be said concerning the numbers of graduate leaving school every year with no jobs waiting for them, where is the hope for the youth which account for 70% of our population which is over 100 million people according to CIA world fact book, we need to wake up and avert this sorrow, tears and blood waiting to loom the corridor of our nationhood.

Inasmuch as we know that unemployment is a global issue and that the present economic melt down has it toll on every economy, plans are been made by leading economies of the world to tackle this ugly trend and we as a nation should also stir the path of safety because danger lies ahead when we refuse to heal this pathology of unemployment as we don’t want to have social problems culminating from the impact of such, we do expect a turn around of fortunes in our economy though we still have strong challenges to sort out with basic necessities - like infrastructural facilities, pipe borne water, power et al that drives every economy - lacking not to mention the disregard for rule of law as well as the dreaded corruption that has turn a cankerworm.

I wonder what hope lies for the next generation considering the present state of the economy and politics of our dear nation a lot need to be said about our leadership, as we hope for better leadership; conscious effort should be geared towards creating enabling environment for entrepreneurial skills to strive, change can only be made when people are empowered to stir up change I believe that Small scale business development is the key to our survival as a nation we should encourage the would be employees – with enterprising consciousness - to become employers of labour knowing that opportunities abound in this country - incentives and enabling environment - only time will make things happen for us.

We will continue to push for a better tomorrow as we will give our best believing that their is always light at the end of the tunnel going by our present zeal for change with the surety that we have the human capacity to uphold this envisaged rebirth we will create room to synergize the passion that will spark off this change.

I sincerely say happy workers day celebration to the woman at the T junction selling roasted plantain as well as the artisans that build the nation with their craftsmanship to that woman with the basket of foodstuff on her head coming from the farm in Gboko, Benue trying to play her role in feeding the nation to all the civil servants servicing the citizenry in their various capacities and finally to you for your effort in the line of production of our nationhood.

Happy Workers Day!!!

Don Matete


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Comment by Don Matete on May 4, 2010 at 11:49am
Our Human resource is our surest resource.

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