Woman catches teenager having sex with daughter at night

A 19-year old, John Elijah, has landed in trouble after he woke up in the middle of night and sneaked into their neighbour’s apartment at Ajao Estate, Lagos, to have sex with their 15-year old daughter.

P.M.EXPRESS reports that Elijah was caught, forced to remove his d*** from the victim’s private part and thereafter handed over to the Police by the parents of the victim.

The incident happened at Sholanke Street in Ajao Estate, Lagos, where he resides with the victim’s parents.

It was gathered that Elijah sneaked into the victim’s apartment at about 12 midnight while she was sleeping and engaged her in sex romp without the victim raising any alarm.

However, in the middle of the act, Elijah was forced to remove her d*** from the victim’s private part after her mother, who had suspected their movement during the day and monitored them, caught him. He later handed over to the Police.

During interrogation at the Police Station, Elijah denied raping the victim and told the Police that both of them had consented to engage in the romp. But the parents of the victim insisted that their girl was still under aged and that it was a sexual assault on the victim.

The police found the suspect, Elijah, culpable and charged him before the Ogba Magistrates court for sexual assault which is statutory rape.
He pleaded not guilty. CLICK HERE FOR MORE

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