With just two weeks left in the NFL regular season

With just two weeks left in the NFL regular season, many teams are going to go all out this holiday weekend to make a serious push towards the NFL Playoffs. Of course, some teams have already been mathematically eliminated from the postseason but sometimes being a spoiler and ruining another team’s chances to make it can also be exciting.

Madden 18 has for the most part been eerily accurate when it comes to Buy Madden 18 Coins its predictions from regular season games, the playoffs, and especially the Super Bowl. No simulated results will always be perfect, but Madden 18 takes all the specific stats and tendencies of players, teams, and official playbooks into their final simulated results.

Needless to say, all those injuries to the Indianapolis Colts continue to hold them back in the grand scheme of things. In this simulation, the Baltimore Ravens easily took care of business and started off the first quarter hot and didn’t slow down one bit. Quarterback Joe Flacco didn’t score any touchdowns but wisely didn’t cough up any costly interceptions as he went 13-25 for 170 yards.

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