Wisdom is d application of knowledge acquire over time. Scripture says, “Wisdom is d principal thing”. It is d display of wisdom that puts a man in command of money. You must grow 2d extend where become a master not a slave.

What puts you above money?

Simply, ur state of mind. When a man understands how to use Money as a tool then u becomes a master of money. Only then will the journey for d accomplish of his purpose begin.

Secondly understand that money is not d note in ur pocket but d value u generate through ur services and d products u offer. It is your net worth that produces your wealth.

Finally, u become a master of money when ur heart can release all u have 4d purpose of making impact. It is impact u make continuously that makes people to keep looking for u. friends, go 4 wisdom, keep making positive impact and be in command of money. LOVE U ALL.

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Comment by lovenaomi on April 18, 2013 at 12:25pm


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