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Windward operate flights over the Avon Valley from April to late November. Regrettably the hot and windy summer weather in Western Australia is not safe for ballooning. During the season we schedule flights every Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday at dawn with no minimum number of passengers required. On Tuesday and Thursday we will schedule a flight once we have our minimum number of passengers confirmed. If want a specific date that we do not have a flight already scheduled, we would waitlist you pending more enquiries. The only day we do not fly is Wednesday which is our pilots official rostered day off to comply with CASA’s strict duty time limitations for pilots.

Our mission at Windward is to provide you with a quality adventure experience in a safe, professional and friendly environment, which will exceed your expectations and leave you with memories that will last a lifetime.

Windward Balloon Adventures Tours Booking Information To Enjoy your Tour

At Windward our commitment to safety is our number one priority. Across all elements of our operations we ensure that safety is at the forefront as we maintain our admirable safety record, a feat which is unparalleled in this industry.

We strive to operate in a sustainable manner which meets our core values of: building an exceptional work environment, delivering a quality product with outstanding customer service whilst maintaining sensitivity towards the environment, local community and industry.

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