Will the vultures and other birds of prey hoovering around the state house allow Mr Goodluck to flourish?

I noted with dismay the influence that our grand fathers of political and military leaning - all the leaders of yesteryears are playing to demonstrate they still hold the aces in Nigeria social political and economic environment. It can only mean one thing, that is as a Nation we have refused to grow and develop future generations who are sufficiently capable of taking the matter forward?

I think it is far from it! it is my own believe that these people as best as they appears to have meant well are not doing these for patriotic reasons but for their own unending benefits. I however would like to be proved wrong and see if they are actually doing what they are doing purely for Nigeria's stability and development. It can not be right that it takes the prompting of the likes of Gowon, Shagari, Babaginda, Abdul Sallam, Sonekan, Obasanjo and others before our National Assemblies can interpret what our very well crafted constitution is telling us about directing Nigeria affairs!!

I would like our leaders to show us they are going to let Nigeria progress naturally and stay back to guide from the background. Let the new generation take responsibility of their age and demonstrate they could do their job. The future of Nigeria is very very bright and secure, only if these leaders will agree to let the young grows and flourish!

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Comment by anyanwu emmanuel emeka on February 15, 2010 at 1:13am
Oga Gafar, Thanks so much for having trust in the Nigerian youth. I absolutely agree with you. Lots of leadership potentials are abound in Nigerian youths, home and abroad. One thing i like about Nigerian youths is thay are real and big time travellers and that comes with lots of experience and that begets wisdom. But right now it does not matter who rules young or old, all we need now is good governance to get things moving but, i am in agreement with you that the young should along the line be given a chance to prove their worth. Well travelled man knows a bit more than the old grey haired man at home.

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