If you don’t have the time to read this entire post,or if you don't need any essay help, I’ll make it quick: the answer is yes. For those that have a few minutes and want the actual explanation and a a few strategies to go with that yes, I suggest you keep reading.

Having a book in your name is priceless. Obviously, it positions you as an authority in your industry. While everyone else is giving out business cards and brochures, you could be giving out copies of your book. Who do you think is going to win that battle? But there is so much more you can do with a book to improve your search engine optimization such as… Share the Content in Your Book

If your primary goal is not actually selling the book (or even if it is), why not give it away a piece at a time? You could cut it up into dozens of 500-1,000 word blog posts that you could publish on your site. All you need to do differently is maybe alter the titles a bit to make sure they are a bit more SEO friendly and grab attention. You should also read through the text in order to ensure that you are using specific keywords that you want to target on the page. The end result is you could have months worth of quality keyword rich valuable content on your website without having to do anything additional. And if anyone wants the actual book, which if it’s good they will, you can still offer it for sale or in exchange for signing up for your newsletter!

Add Teasers

Maybe you don’t want to give your book away. Why not post a page from each chapter? Or maybe post the first two chapters? Something to give your visitors a taste of the book in order to help them decide to either buy it or sign up to download it (or whatever your delivery method is). These teaser pages are not for download! They are actual pages published on your website in order to get some of the content from your book indexed by search engines. The purpose is to leverage these pages in order to make your site more content rich and valuable which will help to increase your sites relevancy.

Give a Detailed Synopsis

Another way to feature your book without giving it away is to include a very detailed synopsis of the book on your website. Spend a page or two really detailing the content in your book. Because this synopsis won’t show up in the book or anywhere else for that matter, you can be much more deliberate in using keywords throughout your text. Just be sure to carefully weave them in so they make sense and don’t sound forced. Many of your readers are going to judge your ability to write based on this page and if you already sound incoherent, it’s unlikely they will buy your book. Just make sure you include a way to buy it or download it on this page somewhere so you are able to convert them.

Create a Sales Page

I don’t love this one, but it is a viable option worth mentioning. If you don’t want to share any of your book for free, you still have an option. You can create a keyword rich sales page that details the benefits of the book with a call to action to either sign up or download the book. The reason for focusing your sales pitch on the benefits is because most people that search will be searching for benefits and not for content that you might find in a standard sales pitch. This ensues that you are more likely to pull in qualified traffic that might be interested in your book as opposed to someone just looking for some quick information.


I know lately the trend has been to write a blog for a few years and then gather up your content and form it into a book and then magically appear on Ellen. And that does work for some. But for those that feel the bug to write the book first, there is still a way to leverage it to increase your search engine ranking and bring more business to your front door. And maybe even sell some books while you are at it…whether you meant to or not!

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