Why You Need To Have a Blog: 3 Strong Reasons

I’ve read more than enough stories by people who have made and are still making lots of cash online without having personal blogs. And many such stories are true.

That drives home the point that you can make money online without a blog. But I will always insist that a blog will amplify your success because a blog is like a pedestal for any internet-based business.

I’ve never heard anyone claim that setting up a blog reduced his or her online income. Rather, a blog makes you even more money (this may be after some time, though). And that’s why you should set up a blog from the outset.

Aside that a blog will help you share your knowledge and experience with others and thereby give you some fulfilment, there are other compelling reasons why you should have a blog as an online marketer. And these further explain why running a blog is a smart way to make even more money online.

Here are three reasons why blogging is necessary for any online business you might be into:

1. You'll attract more and more potential customers

Your blog is your online business empire — your showroom where others can see and buy what you offer and check back whenever they need it.

If you’re a freelancer, your blog is your portfolio. If you're promoting and selling products and services online as an affiliate, your blog can be your catalog. Even if you're just sharing your experience or some gist with other people who might find your stuff valuable, you'll find a blog indispensable.

Therefore, a blog can be an effective promotion tool for any online or offline business.

An online marketer without a blog is a like a sales rep without a catalog; there's no way customers can find him on their own. But if you have a blog, you’ll attract more visitors and customers — passively.

And they'll be happy to do anything that will fetch you money, even if you don't directly ask for that. (And remember, the more traffic you attract, the more money you’ll make.)

2. Running a blog helps you build trust

For example, I'm a freelance SEO strategist. And the truth is, I started generating more profits after I launched a blog for my freelance business before more clients found me and did business with me. The reason is obvious; I raked in more profits because the blog sent signals about my expertise and made potential clients trust me enough to hire me.

If you're an affiliate marketer, for example, blogging can be a very good avenue for recommending and promoting products or services to potential buyers. If you're selling information products (ebooks, etc.), you can make more money by running a blog that clearly spells out the benefits buyers stand to enjoy by buying your product.

So, running a blog can boost your profits from freelancing, affiliate marketing or any other online business you're into.

3. You can earn profit through various channels

Regardless of your main purpose of starting a blog, it can fetch you income from additional channels, such as sales of ad space to advertisers, contextual ads (Adsense, etc.), sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, consulting, and so on.

This will provide you with other sources of income should your main income channel crumble unexpectedly.

(However, get it clearly that building a blog that fetches you profits from many different channels won't happen overnight.)

Bottom line

If you think you can make money online without necessarily creating a blog, that's quite possible without doubt. But I would recommend that you create your own blog — to boost your income and hasten your journey towards the success you’ve always dreamed of.

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