Nigerians worry over unnecessary issues like the rejection of the old notes of N5, N10. N50. The Apex bank has set out a date for the rejection of these old notes but because of who we are, we have started stressing ourselves over the rejection from 26th of February as far as i am concern. I was in a bus the other day, the conductor gave change to an elderly woman and she refused to collect saying this is old note and that in her area no one will collect it from her the conductor too rejected it from another passenger saying no one ll collect it from him too as change. In his words " make una give me paulina money i no want paper again" can you imagine? Please Central Bank i think more advert need to be placed to enlighten these people cos it is only those illiterates that are causing all these problems

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Comment by sunny kwushue on February 20, 2011 at 7:01pm
Nice idea Bolanle i think FG needs to do more about public enlightenment because it does go a long way in solving illicit public problems,this also can be trace to the recent problems encounter by the so called INEC registration exercise,because FG always like doing fire brigade stuffs unlike in the western world where there is job course on any job u getting involve inn, no matter the nature of work,or things coming up the public enlightenment continues in any endeavors of life,to bring social enlightenment to the people.

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