Why We Need To Establish Foundation For Joyful Relationships

We all look forward to relationship with the opposite sex with much excitement. And we ought to, because our lives, progress, joys and blessings depend to a large extent on how we manage our relationship with the woman and the man we elect to live our lives with.
At the back of our minds is the question of how to do it right. This is because relationship with the opposite sex has been the major source of anxieties, sorrows, pain and anguish. Many people are hungry and thirsty for what is right – they need direction especially on the issue of relationship between the sexes. The definition of what is right and how to differentiate what is right from what is wrong has become a very critical issue in modern times.
There is a foundation for joyful relationships on which one can build upon with a high degree of probability for success in the relationship with the opposite sex. The elements of the foundation for joyful relationships are friendship, mutual respect, honor, faith in God, trust, clarity of purpose, integrity, virtue, love, communication skill, forgiveness, Independence and understanding. The identification of these foundational elements are important because they address the fundamentals of a joyful relationship and the problems plaguing our society emanating from relationships with the opposite sex and how to turn them around for your own good.
If men and women would learn about these elements of the foundation for joyful relationships and make them a part of their lives, they would not only be able to solve relationship problems, they would enjoy the relationship and establish a legacy of stability for their posterity and all those who look up to them for guidance and direction.
If we all have come to accept the fact that the family is very important to the society – that it is actually the basic but very important unit of the society where all values are to be inculcated, then, such a unit more than any other, must be built on a very solid foundation. It is dangerous to continue to pursue a relationship with the opposite sex without the establishment of foundation.
As dating and courtship relationship should normally precede marriage relationship, which eventually creates the family unit, then, it makes so much sense to pay attention to foundational elements of joyful relationship, which will help to lay that solid foundation for all to achieve that peaceful and joyful relationship that we all look forward to in life.
It is during dating and courtship that one can learn and establish these pillars. Those engaged in dating and courtship should pursue friendship as the first thing they want to achieve in their time together. If you could be friends with a man or a woman, when you become lovers, friendship would be your sustaining power. Love as we all may know is fragile. There is need to respect those we relate with. In the marriage relationship, mutual respect is key. If you find out that, you could not respect the man or woman you are getting together with, it is worthless to continue, as the result would be disaster.
All are encouraged to take each element of the foundation for joyful relationship, understand it and apply them in the course of the dating and courtship relationships.

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