Why Thousands of Customers Choose ALLPCB for PCB Assembly Services?

We are in charge of the entire process from PCB manufacturing to assembly. You don't have to communicate with several different vendors and no worries without order delay. Prototype PCB assembly service is with fast lead-times, as quick as 12 hours and delivery on time. All parts are sourced from reliable suppliers, such as Digikey and Mouser.

Our online PCB assembly quote system allows you to get the PCBA price in minutes. PCBA orders start from $100 with no set up fee, no stencil charges, no booting and tooling fee, and no minimum order quantity. We also provide worldwide free shipping service for some PCBA orders.

Our assembly lines are fully compliant with IPC 610-D, capable of SMT, through-h*** and mixed assembly, bga assembly services. Visual inspection, X-ray inspection, AOI testing and functional testing are available. The quality of your assembly orders is ensured by our experienced teams.

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