WHY THE NORTH WOULD ALWAYS LEAD. http://friendsofnija.blogspot.co.uk/2016/01/why-north-would-continue-to-lead-632.html?m=1

The North would turn on their radio, which most of the time would be programmed at what they want them to hear. And here, they would hear that Nnamdi Kanu wants to divide Nigeria, PDP shared the money, Tompolo has become a Government, Jonathan did not procure the arm for soldiers to prosecute the war on terror, or still did not supervised Rambo to deliver, an indictment and failure of leadership to our South-south people. The South would continue in their entitlement seeking, immediate gratification chasing, lacking in fidelity, accountability, indiscipline, civility and incompetence, and of course they would remain in their mediocrity. The Igbos like their South-South counterparts is practically not ready for this race to lead. They are selfishly stealing what they can steal once opportunity beacon and the rest soiling their souls, all in the quest to have money and they are not interested in their larger society. They expect to get everything they want with the Biafra civil war as their blackmail tool. David Mark, Akume, Suswan, Bokola Saraki, TY Danjuma, Jangolova, Dariye and others from the Middle Belt simply don’t know what is expected of them as leaders. The Yorubas, they are the people that actually fostered on us this paper qualification affliction, but with legacies from Pa Awolowo which any onward thinking people can use to build a civilised state, they remain the centre of civilisation for a country that is not moving forward. This is the trademark of my country.

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