Why should I study banking and finance as a course?

What is banking and finance as a degree?

To study banking and finance is to have a deep knowledge of the mode of operations for firms and financial systems. Students that study this course will be groomed for careers in private banking and finance as well as central banking and regulatory agencies. You can elect for a BA or a BSc, with the latter requiring a more rigorous use of mathematics.

What will i study in this course?

In the beginning, you focus on the fundamental areas of economics, banking and finance. You will be provided with a foundation in both theory and current practise, and you will develop the analytical, quantitative, research and communication skills desired by the leading employers in investment banking and financial services.

At the end of the course, you will be required to write banking and finance projects as an undergraduate. This is quite important for all students to graduate in this course as banking and finance project topics and materials is a non-negotiable requirement. Most times, students are assigned to supervisors and are given project topics to work on. Students can generate project topics and materials from a platform that offers Undergraduate Projects and Research Topics across various departments.

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