Why poultry farming is the best farming business

poultry farming is a very lucrative farming business and one that I will recommend to anyone at any time. It gives you a range of options to choose from. These options include;
1. Rearing for eggs
2. Rearing for meat
3. Rearing for both purposes.

The profit prospects in poultry are very huge. Think about producing eggs a layer can lay over 300a year, so imagine if you're having 100 layers in your farm that is 30,000 eggs per year from just a small-small farm.

That just for layers, now to broilers. Broilers are heavier in weight than layers they are reared for meat only. A mature broiler chicken sells for N2000-N3000 in Nigeria. Now imagine having 1000 broiler in your small farm with all conditions rightly place you're already a millionaire.

For the dual purpose option, they are specific breeds for this method. The option, however, is suitable for farmers who rear chicken for food. So, if you're ever considering about starting a poultry farm I want to welcome you to the millionaire club of poultry farmers.

My Name is Tony Ekuri, you can read more of my articles on http://informationhive.com.ng

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