Why Pears Baby Lotion is Good for all Skin Types

Why Pears Baby Lotion is Good for all Skin Types


Lotions are vital to the skin’s health. They are used for a variety of skincare problems such as dry, rough, scaly or itchy skin and irritations. Applying body lotions is one of the few judicious ways to maintain a healthy skin. It is therefore important to choose a lotion that suits your skin type.


There are three possible skin types, and the Pears lotion is made to function for all three.


Dry Skin


Dry skin comes cracking on the skin and dry patches. Itching is one of the symptoms and scratching might be difficult to resist. One of the best ways to treat a dry skin is to apply a lotion conta..., an ingredient present in the Pears Baby Lotion. The Pears Lotion is pure, mild and gentle and is made from carefully-selected ingredients that are suitable for any skin - and specially designed for babies. The ultra-gentle lotion softens and nourishes their skin and protects them from dryness.


Normal Skin


People with Normal Skin types are the ones who neglect their skin care the most because they don’t usually see reasons to take care of it. For Normal Skin, it is best to apply light lotion to keep your skin looking its best. You can also use lotion for rough areas around your body like elbows and knees.


Oily Skin


Oily skin results from overproduction of Sebum, an oily substance made of fat. And excess Sebum can lead to premature aging and other damage. It is important to use lotion for oily skins to avoid skin damages. The three skin types have been considered in the production of Pear...


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