Why Nigerian Young Agro Manufacturers Should Venture into Bitter Kola Exportation

Do you know that Bitter Kola otherwise known as Garcinia Kola is a highly sought after product in the international market, in countries like China, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, and many other Asian countries.

Bitter kola is exported in different types – Wet, Dried, and Powdered depending on the specification of your buyers demand.

Do you also know that bitter kola is a Natural medium sized forest tree found in some State in Nigeria, especially in the Northern part of the Country?

It also found in large quantities in South, East and Western States base of the season of the crop. Bitter Kola is wonderful Agro product with a wide range of applications in natural and orthodox medicine nowadays.

It will amaze you that bitter kola is mostly consumed not in purpose of chewing but also used in brewery purposes and that has been the reason why bitter kola is mostly demanded in small and in large quantities by the international companies.

Looking at Medicinal effect, bitter kola has 96% refreshment when eaten the seed, it also has higher Mastication relieves from coughs, hoarseness, bronchial and throat troubles. In Kinshasa, Congo and some other foreign country’s , researchers has attested why people should consider feeding more on bitter kola to ward of malaria.

Moreover, processing of bitter kola to meet export standard, it may require some processing which can be achieved with the help of exportation Material, Like E-Books, and information from people that is already in the market.

Furthermore, prospective exporters can enter the business either in a small or big quantity, but it depends on the cash at hand and requirement form your buyers.

To start this business is as easy as A,B,C as small scale exporters can start the business right from their bedroom with just an Active Phone Number and a functional e-mail address.

Exporters are advice to do this business in God’s fearing, and in favour of their buyers, and assured that the products will get to the buyer safely after the order.

There are needs for an efficient method of quality control in order to keep it fresh and healthy looking for your buyers satisfaction, which can be found in the manual on processing of the product.

The most basic Shipping method that comes from buyers mode in bitter kola exportation is via air cargo which can be carried out by coria service, to assumed that it will get to the destination in less than 4-6 days.This ensures that the product doesn’t spend much time in transit thereby resulting in the loss of quality and content.

The packaging method used in bitter kola export business is easy and can be learned by anybody. Export price you can export as little as 150kg as a trial order. The cost of bitter Kola in the international market is between $17 and $25 per kg. That transforms into well over $17,000/MT. The local cost of bitter kola ranges between N600 to N800 per kg, depending on the point of purchase.

Other advantages of processed bitter kola for export include: Low start up and operational cost; business can be operated from home; huge profitability; business is risk free; easy access to cheap sources of the products; easy access to overseas markets and buyers.

This manual is produce by Nigeria top Exporters that have already made good names in this business for some years, and can be very helpful for prospective exporters to follow. This manual with no obligation will give your complete guild on how to start this business without attending any unhelpful seminars.

Inside the guild you will get the buyers contact and countries, email address to confirm before moving to the business. Exporters are ensure to present their self proper in other to gain trust from their buyers.

For more information cornering the starting of this business.
Call us: +2348102927978, +2348119186687

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