God wants to re-direct this country and the way He wishes to do so is to allow Gen. Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida to win the PDP primaries later in October.

For over ten years, PDP has intimidatingly shown that it can never be challenged by any other party in Nigeria. As a result of this, any candidate who scales through the PDP primaries is said to have won the election before hand.

IBB has had enough patience since 1999 when it was alleged that he brought OBJ to power in order to succeed him. He was not allowed to do this. He is out to vie in presidency under PDP. I think it is divine providence for him to win due to the iminent consequences.

If IBB wins the primaries, President Goodluck Jonathan will obviously decamp to one of the significant and upgrowing parties such as ACN, Labour or KOWA. When this happens, all his surrogates and State apparatus will join the President's party. A lot of people will have the opportunity to contest convincinly on the same platform with the president. As a result of this, PDP will be totally divided.

Since IBB can never win any general election in Nigeria, PDP will fail to produce the President. President Jonathan's party will naturally produce more governors while PDP States will be struggling to survive. Once PDP fails as a party which is bound to happen, the country's political system will fall into shape.

On the other hand, if IBB fails in PDP primaries, he may join political parties such as ANPP and PPA and would further distabilize the parties. Apart from that, oppositions may accommodate the other failed Presidential candidates like Atiku did in 2007 and later fall into oblivion.
Goodluck Jonathan after victory in PDP will further empower the political jobbers at the corridors of power. They will go on distracting him from his vision and focus till his tenure elapses. They did this to other past Presidents and he already drafted them into his campaign team as strategists. If Jonathan wins the primaries, Nigeria would go back to square one.

So for the will of God to be done in Nigeria, all must pray for IBB to win the PDP primaries and other prophesies will be fulfilled accordingly.

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