Why I Started "Law For Non-Lawyers Series"

My decision to start “Law For Non-Lawyers Series” was influenced mainly by two reasons:

1. I noticed through my interaction with non-lawyers and my experience as a legal practitioner that many non-lawyers are unaware of basic legal principles and they are suffering from the consequences of their ignorance. Although it may be argued that lawyers are trained to assist non-lawyers. I, however, believe that providing the non-lawyers with basic information about the law is beneficial to all, the lawyers and non-lawyers alike.

The subject-matter of law affects everybody and therefore nobody can afford to be ignorant of the law. It is important to note that ignorance of the law is not an excuse.

So I conceived the project, “LAW FOR NON-LAWYERS SERIES” to cater for the non-lawyers in different areas of their lives which are affected by the law almost on a daily basis. For instance, some people are in a union which they regard as marriage, but in the eye of the law, it is no marriage at all. People in such situations will continue to endure the union because they erroneously believe they need a court order dissolving their “marriage” before they can be free. When, in fact, there is no need for such. Where a marriage does not exist according to the law, there may not be need for a court order to dissolve it.

Matters like this are what “Law For non-Lawyers Series” intends to address and shed light upon.

2. ``LAW FOR NON-LAWYERS SERIES`` is designed to be accessible to every averagely educated person through the use of everyday language. In the Series, the use of technical language and supply of details are avoided in the bid to establish the basic principles.

Even though every edition is targeted primarily at a non-lawyer, no effort is spared to ensure that the information you find in it is legally sound and correct. ``Law For Non-Lawyers Series” is not meant to make anybody a lawyer or render legal advice. Rather, it is meant to help people avoid elementary legal mistakes and to enable them handle elementary legal challenges better when they arise. It is noticed that in the developed world, there are a lot of on-going efforts to improve non-lawyers’ awareness on legal issues that relate to their everyday transactions. There is no reason this should be lacking in a developing country like Nigeria.

This is not to reduce the volume of work which lawyers engage in but it is a project designed to make the delivery of legal services a lot easier, more profitable and cost-effective for both sides – the lawyers and non-lawyers.

For further enquiries, call 0708-291-8395

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