ESL( English as a Second Language) may prove to be a nightmare for many students. But when you have Regent Editing by your side you can take a sigh of relief. When it comes to ESL Editing, peer review of your dissertation or thesis you can rely on us. Regent Editing is known for its Heavy ESL Editing Service. With the experience of many years, our experts have helped edit more than 35000 doctoral-level dissertations successfully. We will pair you up with an expert who is superior and has a grasp of the language like no others. The expert that you’re going to hire will be someone who has rich knowledge in the area of study that your study focuses. You will be given personalized attention right from the beginning to the very end. 

Our services are based on: 

  • Quality: Your dissertation will not only be edited once. It undergoes various checks. Once your expert has completed the editing work it is reviewed by a senior editor and then it is delivered to you. The main purpose of editing your dissertation twice is that we aim to provide 100% satisfaction and thus we aim to provide a dissertation which is 100%error free.
  • Timely Delivery: When we take any work in hand, we allocate all the resources that are required to complete your work on time. As mentioned above we like to provide customer satisfaction and thus our ESL Editing Service strives to complete your work on time, every time. 

  • Accessibility: We help improve the dissertation by reducing word count and aim to increase the readability of the dissertation. We have quick and accurate turnaround times so that it becomes for our clients to provide us with any changes that are to be made. Being the leader in the sector we offer convenient ESL Editing Service so that our clients can contact us anytime. 

  • Support: When you choose Regent Editing to edit your dissertation you get 25/7 assistance from our experts. You can connect with the concerned expert and ask him/her to make the changes you want in your dissertation. Our services are not restricted to one time, you can have multiple changes in your dissertation editing process. The idea that you have in your mind is completely supported by our experts and steps are taken in a similar direction. This is what makes us the best in the industry.

Specialists Editors

Our editors are specialists. Unlike other service providers, we do not have only a few experts or professionals to write and edit all areas of study. We have professionals and specialists in every area of study be it business management, education, health care, nursing and several areas.  Every editor has their own PhD degree and is savvy with the English language. The editors are even familiar with different styles of dissertations. When you are with Regent Editing, you can be relaxed and allow our specialised editors to provide you with their immense knowledge and get a picture-perfect dissertation in the end.

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