Why Buhari Must Be The ACN/CPC Presidential Candidate

Nigeria faces an enduring battle for internal security and freedom. We require leadership with tenacity and experience with wisdom. Our next president must have the capacity and experience to direct the current state of affairs, manage properly, our obsolete security and education system.

The 2011 general elections must be centered on the safety of Nigerians and the prosperity of our citizens and families. Major-General Muhammadu Buhari's record as a no-nonsense leader and his national security credentials of defending Nigeria's sovereignty against the tyranny of the Chadians in the 1980s makes him the best qualified candidate for the office of the Commander-in-Chief.

As the ACN/CPC decides on their possible alliance to instigate an arduous opposition to the PDP in the coming elections, party loyalists, and strategists, will also consider fiscal concerns, social issues and governing philosophy. Buhari's governing records, words and actions has consistently demonstrate his very good commitment in each of the aforementioned sphere. Few -- maybe none-- Nigerian politicians have the reputation of fiscal restraint that Buhari has developed during his days as the pioneer of the popular initiative, operation kick against indiscipline. A theme of his government throughout the nation, when he fought against government waste and individual

President Goodluck Jonathan's lack of consistencies in his handling of the all predicament that we face in this defining moment, from the Niger-Delta emergency to the catastrophe of Boko Haram, October 1st bombings to Jos lingering attacks, energy interruptions to food crisis, if anything, only magnifies our interest in choosing a president that can show leadership on the crisis that we face in this nation today.

There has been rumours in and out of the country over whom the ACN/CPC candidate would be, I am not sure whom the leaders of both parties are willing to nominate, I am not sure how soon they want this alliance to be sealed, but one thing I am sure of is that, Nuhu Ribadu is not the person we need to manage the nation's affairs from the Aso Rock.

Ribadu's lifestyle, from his service to the ex-president Obasanjo, to his attacks on the Nigeria Police Force, his arrogance behaviours has only given us an answer to his persona: he's a cry baby, and a failed cry baby at that. He's also an alimentary canal, with no responsibility whatsoever. Ribadu was used by the ex-president to eke out vendetta against all his known and perceived enemies when he was appointed to head the anti-corruption watchdog- the EFCC.

In 2006, ignoring witnesses and tonnes of petitions being sent to his office daily, Ribadu appeared as a guest on the Channels Television's current affairs show -- Sunrise Daily-- monitored in Lagos and tasked any Nigerian to present an iota of evidence of corruption against the now convicted chief Olabode George, a man that has been known to be at
the center of a multi-billion naira corruption scandal that rocked the Nigerian Ports Authority in early 2000s. Chief George, a powerful political ally of Mr. Obasanjo was the former chairman of the ruling PDP in the Southwest. Mr. Ribadu, being a tool in the hand of Mr. Obasanjo, would not dare arrest a staunch political ally of his boss.

Chief Olabode George was convicted in 2010, at an Ikeja high court, he was prosecuted by another chairman of the EFCC, after Ribadu was ousted from the agency. It was the same corruption scandal that Ribadu had previously exonerated him. Ribadu has had his chances and he failed the country; we all knew that he served Obasanjo, not Nigeria.

As I have previously uttered. I do not know much about the internal affairs of the ACN/CPC alliance proposition, but I do know that if we we must relegate the PDP to the status of a minority party in this country, then we must equally present a presidential ticket that will give them a run for their money. Failure to do so will, in effect, hand PDP another decade to dictate the political future of the country.

There has been a lot of efforts by some of Buhari's political adversaries, all over the country, to character-assassinate him by tagging him as an extreme Islamic fanatics, but it has so far failed to stick, because it's, simply, not true. And the fact that they continue to repeat it as often as they could, does not necessarily mean Nigerians will believe it; Buhari is no more a devout Muslim than former Lagos Governor, Bola Tinubu, or Nuhu Ribadu.

No candidate has ever won any general elections in Nigeria since the days of independent without picking up the majority of votes cast in the North and South. The same factor will determine the coming elections, and in other for the ACN/CPC to satisfy the voter's requirements so as to get their ballots: the party must nominate a president and vice president that has the political capital and street credibility at the afforementioned regions of the country.

Buhari has always being a powerful politician in the North, when he manned the ANPP in 1999, he won several states in the north and picked up Kwara in the North-Central, he repeated the same in 2003 and 2007, except for Kwara state that swung to the PDP in 2003.

Former Lagos Governor, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, is a very powerful politician from the Southwest, his street credibility, from Idumota to Ijebu Ode, Abeokuta to Oshogbo and collectively in the Southwest region, has no rivalry.  He is a very articulate politician, highly educated, his command of English language begets respect from any scholar, even the Queen of England. Whenever Ashiwaju Tinubu is speaking, the entire Nigerian media establishments, from Rueben Abati of the Guardian to Sam Omatseye of the Nation, all pays a very assiduous attention, not just to listen to what he has to say, but how he analyze everything, in sequence, free of any embarrassing linguistic blunders.

Ashiwaju Bola Tinubu is proficient, he's not just a savvy politician, he's a politician that has been tested several times and has never failed to deliver, during his first term as governor, GDP output of Lagos state reached an all time highs, he became the Holy Grail of all market men and women. He faced several crisis and he handled each of them with distinction, from the crisis at Mile 12 to the Ikeja Military Cantonment disaster, Tinubu did Lagosians proud in his resolve.

When he  completed his two-term, as governor of Lagos State, in 2007. He nominated his former chief of staff, Babatunde R. Fashola, to continue on his roadmap. Lagosians soon found out that the road map is paved with the people's interest first on one side and innovations on the other. A presidential joint ticket of Buhari and Tinubu will be the dream ticket Nigerians have long expected. It will divert the attention of all Nigerians to the campaign trails and given these scenario: the days of casting their ballots can not come soon enough. Buhari and Tinubu are both popular politicians. The idea is simple: Buhari will deliver the North while Ashiwaju Tinubu claims the monopoly on votes cast in the Southwest.

When deteriorating health of the late President Musa Yar'Adua became a very serious concerns to all Nigerians, people began to look into the future to see whom their next president may be. But, that concern did not last very long, it eroded when people found out that their next president will be the vice president, but not just a vice president, a '' Good Luck''.

Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, a president with a name attached to his persona, but that's all that he has, just the name. Mr. Jonathan has been a failure, and there has been no good luck witnessed in the country since he was innaugurated as president. Throughout the Yuletide holidays, Nigerians were thrown into bad luck of darkness, while the the power generating plant at the Aso Rocks revs up every second of the day, left untouched. If there's any good luck at all, then many of us can agree, it's only for him, and for him only.

Since Mr. Jonathan became the president, the country has plunged into series of grotesque catastrophes never before witnessed in the country. Few instances: the nation's capital, Abuja, has never suffered a bomb blast until October 1st, 2010 when the country was celebrating the golden jubilee of independent, an attack that left dozens dead, scores of people have died in Jos attacks that lingers day and night unabated. Boko Haram also shook the nation to it's roots, burning several Churches and government facilities, without any security aparatus on ground to rein in their heinous crimes, they continue to act with impunity.  None of these is close to being considered a luck, and definitely not a good luck.

All the problems that the country is facing today, highlights how inept Mr. Jonathan is, from his idleness during attacks to his embarrassing gaffes on who perpetrated it or what their motives may be. What we need is a president with character, vigour, and experience, to lead this nation in the time of crisis. Jonathan is a ''Facebook politician'', he is also a ghost writer. None of these is what Nigerians need to see in their leader at these defining moment. But, Jonathan is not the only leader without qualities, his wife --Patience-- is not helping his cause either. When I was talking with a friend recently, he said '' I won't allow her -- Patience-- to tutor my children, even if their academic career depends on it''. My friend was not exaggerating, Patience Jonathan is not a good public speaker, her use of English is too poor and she is gaffe-proned. Nigerians do not necessarily need an English professor as their first lady, but Patience Jonathan is not the best the country can offer, either.

What we need in this country right now is Muhammed Buhari, a warrior, not a good luck. When President George W. Bush invaded Iraq in 2003, he faced attacks from all existing angles, from home and abroad, some from expected angles, some not. Addressing the U.S Senate in 2007, Senate Majority leader, Harry Reid, attacked the President of his own country, saying '' this war is lost'' at the same moment the President and his National Security team were turning the situation of the war around. President Bush triumphed in the war, not because he was lucky, but because he was a warrior, and he displayed it in his Love for his country.

Muhammud Buhari, a warrior is whom we need, flanked by his vice, Ashiwaju Tinubu, an eloquent communicator. As the country battles the Boko Haram from the North, Niger-Delta militants from the South, Fulani herdsmen massacring Christians at the Center -- Jos--, power generating sets importers who has continued to hinder all efforts to make epileptic power supply a thing of the past, tackling corrupt politicians and Marina/Victoria Island/Broad Street CEOs, etc. Ashiwaju Tinubu will continue to keep in touch with Nigerians, communicating, identifying with the masses and carrying everyone along on the struggle to better the lives of hopeless Nigerians.

When the results of all these efforts becomes visible, Nigerians will reach a unanimous conclusion: It's indeed, a dream ticket.

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