Poverty as a weapon of warfare

While our ancestral experiences may only be easily and best determined by each individuals, what is common across board is the recorded despicable experience of slavery. You might say that we are free, but how come we are poor, but yet free?


The simple response is that you are poor because you are presently a victim of warfare. You are not only at war, but actually situated at the centre of the most heinous war. Slavery is as old as mankind, and expecting such hateful practices to disappear today is best a wishful thinking. Is it only practiced in the third world? The truth is that slavery, in different forms, is presently committed by every nations and people of the globe.


'Silent hunger and evil vices in ten years kill more people than war could finish off in a thousand years. The cruelest war, however, is precisely the one which appears to be most peaceful to present day humanity, namely the peaceful economic war. …........ Whereas war at most kills off a fragment of the present, economic warfare murders the future'.

                                                                                                        - Adolf Hitler


Poverty is a form of weapon in today’s global economic affairs. Everybody is fighting against one another to climbing the food chain. We may not be cannibalizing one another in the real sense (and some are suspected to still do), but the present economic order only plays out the animal in us all. Where only the strongest and the fittest takes the cherry, in a winner-takes-all and or zero-sum game.


Ethics and morality, under different guises and rhetoric including global best practices, are created to further shackle the weak, while the strongest live above the law and chastity. After all, the strongest makes the law for, and judges, the weak. Who shall judge the strongest?


Before you all run off with daggers drawn, in pursuit of the strongest, shall we turn the table around and critically ask ourselves practical questions, with truthful response. If you were in the shoes of the strongest, with the exposure to the present wealth and influence, that they wield, what would you have done?


A survey indicates that the average poor is more evil than the wealth. Though, not in all cases, there are insinuations that the poor is a victim of their creation, and thus do not deserve sympathy. The poor do not only hate the wealthy (in any case, what can he do to the strong), but sadly they wage fierce war and commit all sorts of evil against one another in order to get by.


This is otherwise a perfect 'crab mentality' and the 'pull-him-down syndrome', where everybody wishes and exerts considerable efforts to exit their poverty. Only that they all believe they will all get out of their unfortunate life's condition by expending others as their ladder, rather than teamwork.


If anybody is everybody's ladder to freedom and prosperity, I wonder who the ladder becomes to the last man left in the deep. We usually do not bother about what becomes of the last man, as far as we are out of the mud? For those who may still have a bit of humanity left in them, we remember the last man in order to rub our conscience of its guilt. Perhaps, we celebrate them as our 'Jesus', as far as we are not the one to carry the cross.


Nothing is more unfortunate and yet repulsive than to hear the responses from the same victims of poverty, what they intend to do to change the lot of the majority if provided with the opportunity to govern. While some are diplomatic, some are so crude in their common declaration that the system in place shall not permit any meaningful change. Thus, they will take their own fair share of the commonwealth.


If you think the present generation is chronically entrenched in penury, imagine what fate lies ahead of our next generation, our children. The unforgivable crime is to be aware of this cruel 'man-hate-man' sorry state of our global affairs, and do nothing about it.  



Let there be …..

You may ask, 'What can you do about it?'. The answer is simply, 'What are you creating?'. Knowing who you are will guide your decisions. Adequate understanding of one's ancestors will provide a direction for the future. Whatever you create is part of you. Your clients and customers do not pay for your goods and services, but they are paying you for you and because of you.


If you believe that you are the image of God, and God is known first as the 'Creator', what are you creating? There were specific tasks listed in Genesis 1:26-31 unto man. Which of these assignments are we fulfilling as individuals? Are we building something? What is your area of dominion and influence? Rather than building and creating (something of value), we as a people have descended into a consuming nation. In fact, we have consumed everything on our path, and now consuming one another.


The difference between humans and animals is not that we walk with our two feet, because all humans crawl with all fours as infants, and some animals walk with two feet. Not that we talk as a form of communications, all animals communicate among their kinds (in fact, our languages sound ridiculous and incongruent to the ears of the animals, and vice versa). The animals reproduce just as we do. They love one another far more than we do. Even without any known written law book, the animal kingdom are far better organized and orderly more than we humans presently have. So what makes us better than them?


Unfortunately, we hardly have time to pay attention to our environment, where the earth continues to leave us eternal trails for our unending knowledge. The ants, birds and the likes have evolved overtime to build for themselves and their future generations. They build colonies and save up foods for the rainy days. What are we building as a people, particularly for the next generation? How much are we saving for the children yet unborn?


Rather as a people, we are born, formed and have grown into an army of consuming locusts and rodents. We wait for others to produce, while we eat up and consume. Yet, we blame everybody except ourselves for our state of poverty.


There is a curse that is pervasive among us as a people, though it sounds innocent to the ears in the form of prayers: 'You shall eat the food of your children'. If you choose to eat the fruits of your children, what shall be left for your grandchildren to live on. We are poor because our fathers at a time or the other may have eaten up our present generation. Rather it is a blessing for our children and grandchildren to eat of us, and not the other way round. At least, that is the minimum responsibility that we all bear, and we owe the next generation that much (Proverbs 13:22).


How do you know what to produce? Well, there is a surge increase in the poverty pool, it must also be said that there has been a sharp increase in the population of so-called 'educated' in our present day society. Our schools continue to endlessly churn out so many graduates who most times return back to where they left off.


Most are not prepared for the real world, by meeting the pressing challenges and needs of their society, and therefore become useless to themselves and to mankind. There is also the group who are wrongly engaged in various forms of economic activities, and thus, do not generate job satisfaction, neither do they add real value to their respective industries.


To know what to produce is to know what was the professional engagements of our ancestral pasts. If your ancestor was renowned in ancient past as a herbalist, you will be relevant today and most likely successful in herbal drugs production. If your ancestors were renowned with manufacturing of weapons of warfare, you are most likely relevant in a related industry. Your ancestors were righteously engaged in oracle consultation, perhaps you may be relevant in the same sphere of influence or better still in the computing industry. The list is infinite.




The man who takes our commonwealth in whatever form at little or no cost, and converts it to a product of better value, and generates stupendous wealth off others, bear no guilt for the poverty of others. The onus is on us all to start creating something of value to and for others.


If one is bequeathed with large vault of cash, but with no idea or resourcery to turn around this funds into increased wealth, you will live large but eventually return to improvished state. If gifted with the inheritances of large expanse of land and other forms of properties, with no knowledge on how to generate and manage the wealth from these assets, one will sooner or later loose them. Worse still, these inheritances may end up being flung away.


The lesson in this analysis is simply that one's wealth is not measured by the amount of physical trappings that surrounds us, but the well of inherent talents and acquired skills that are within us. Those who are talented and skillful in their chosen and or appointed field of influence, always eventual own everything that the rich but unskilled and untalented have as possession.

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The skilled and the talented also recognizes that the moment they stop producing, their wealth stagnates and eventually, retrogression into poverty becomes inevitable. So we can never stop producing until the final whistle is blown on us.


It should also be unsurprising and assuring to note that no one is creating anything new. This should assuage your insecurity and uncertainties. So, do not expect to be different. The so-called inventors are better called discoverers, because all that we do is to discover, question, understand, improve and unveil what were already in existence.


In fact, all the so-called inventions that man has ever made, and is presently making, are creations of our ancestors. As the adage truly says, 'There is nothing new under the sun'. So if God wills, then find your place or create your space under the Sun.


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