Is Money meant to be spent?

You are in the state of poverty not by accident. Your life is an accumulation of the lives of your ancestors, which is your past. Your skin color, location, voice, height, culture, taste, allergy, etc are all life styles and trail of your ancestors that may be unknown to you. In fact, your present is a product of your past, and the building blocks to your future.


The spending habit of, and among the poor, is palpable. However misplaced, it is a common culture that the people believe that money is meant and created to be spent. This culture cuts across age groups and across generations. Yet, we question why we are poor just as our ancestors. If our ancestors had a few imperfections, responsibility lies with us to perfect such gaps, rather than carrying on such frailties.


With no pun intended at anyone, but if any, it is regretted. However, a fellow who is named 'Ninalowo' by his parents, and yet complain of poverty should question the wisdom behind such decision by his father.


So what is the use of money, if not to be spent? Money is not intended to be spent, but rather invested. For every coin or currency that leaves your pocket, the sound judgement behind such decision must be, is this a frivolity or a transaction? There is a place for entertainment, and it should be encouraged. Nevertheless, there should be no place for frivolities.


The rich engage in sensible entertainment, a forum to generate more wealth among themselves. The poor enjoy frivolities, an avenue to expend resources that do not have. Some even borrow for leisure. The banks recognizes this fact, they offer us every form of loans for feed our poor judgement.

The poor celebrates everything. We celebrate our birthdays. We celebrate our marriage. We also remember to always celebrate our annual marriage anniversary. We celebrate house warming. We celebrate our new car, by 'washing it'. We celebrate our children's admission into school, and we celebrate their graduation. Weird as I personally find it, we celebrate the burial of our loved ones, and continuously conduct their annual remembrance celebrations.


If the above sounds reasonable for whatever bias we may have, I wish they are our numerous indulgences. We celebrate every weekends, some the entire three days. We celebrate new jobs. We celebrate change of locations. We celebrate everything. In fact, where there is nothing to celebrate, some celebrate celebration. When asked, they say they are just happy.


It is evidently clear that much of our poverty are self-inflicted. It is expensive to engage in these numerous lifestyles. To display crass desperation to the point of entering into debt, just to fill one's emptiness or craving for revelry, is an invitation to deserved poverty.


The uncontrollable crave for spending by any one leads straight to penury. Should that become an excuse for one to be stingy? Absolutely, no. In fact, the mean-spirited always fall and stays longer in poverty than the generous. If the ungenerous does not see poverty in their lifetime, their children always pay for their father's frugality.


The value analysis of any money to be spent may be spontaneous or otherwise, but it must be carried out, to justify every of our undertaking. The money committed on our family's needs for our deliberate advancement is money well-invested. The money given to the needy is not spent but invested in others.


Imagine someone who approaches you for a small financial help, perhaps for food, critically needs that few hundreds (of currency) for survival. Such a fellow may move on and grow up to stupendous wealthy. At the point of which you require his or her help in the millions, he or she will appreciate you in return, by honoring your request. Why? For the simple reason that his or her millions of today in his or her abundance cannot be equated in value to the small hundreds of the past, to which his or her life depended on.


The rich recognizes this fact of life that is why they lend each other heavily. In fact, they go out of their ways to help one another, with no conditions of security. You may begrudge the rich for whatever and as long as you care, but the rich knows, embraces and continuously practices the golden rule of 'relationship is the currency of sustainable wealth'.


If the poor do not change our perception to life, by helping one other, poverty will forever lurk around the larger population of the globe. If you insist on not helping one another, expect no helping hand from others. However, if you choose to take the path of the helper for others, it comes with great pains and disappointments, but it will always pay off. This is otherwise called return on investment (ROI).

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