Who are you?

You may ask, 'If I am the money, how come I am poor? If the power of money is of the people, why are the substantial majority seriously impoverished? You are poor because you think you are poor. You are poor, because you are told you are poor. What do you see in the mirror, whenever you look at yourself?


You are not poor, because you do not have money on you, but in actual fact, money is in you. Ignorance is the greatest poverty, and what one does not know kills more but slowly. What is the source of joy and satisfaction of a perceived poor man, who seemingly lacks, as against the apparently rich but wallow in sadness and confusion? You can have all the monies and still be poor. After all, the rich also cries. For the penchant critics, ask 'King David or King Solomon.


Money is you, and you are the money. While collateral assets are reasonable, true lending practice in the banking industry reveals that you are in better stead to secure loan by your historical banking records, and or personal credibility. No wonder the policy of 'know-your-customer' (KYC) is an eternal campaign in the global banking sector.


No one lends anything of value to an unknown or untrustworthy person or party. If you are presented with two scenarios, a well-known credible friend of yours (who has been helpful and still offers useful value in the future) request for a loan for an undisclosed venture with some little or no returns, but an unknown fellow request for the same resources at the same time for a disclosed venture with greater returns? Who would you most likely offer such loan? I can hear your load response. It is obviously, your friend. Not because he possesses the best credentials, or offers the best returns but simply because of him as a person, and nothing more.


What science can be brainier than 'ritualism'? The one who seeks for money, through ritualism, recognizes that money tastes good, but his or her fellow human being tastes better, and offers easier source of money. The type of human parts delivered for ritualism, is also suggested to determine how much money one receives (please you can use your imagination). The state of the victim is also valuable. Is he or she dead or alive, as at the time of ritualism? Is he or she a virgin, with no experience of carnal sex, at the time of the evil permutation? The skin color of the victim of ritualism also hold prime. Sadly, the more albino the better. The variant shameful list is endless.


How and why do you think that the idea of 'kidnapping' came about, as it is presently prevalent? If someone can kidnap and convert you to money, how much money do you think you can generate for such kidnappers? You may find such scenario as gross and far-fetched, but what if you were kidnapped for ransom? How much worth will be placed on you? How much will your loved ones be willing to pay for you? Whatever answer you proffer, they will critically paint a picture of your inherent worth.


To determine your true worth, you must answer the questions: Who are you? To accurately answer who you are, you must know what is your name. So, what is your name? Your first name is good, but it is most likely useless. Quite frankly, nobody really cares about your first name. What is your surname? Who is your father? Your biological father is good, but he is most likely in the same abyss, as confused as you are, and seeking for answers as you do. Who are your ancestors? This is the critical point because your ancestors provide your bloodline, which leaves a trail for your present conduct and destiny.


Only the adopted, particularly those who have lost contact with their parents, through change of names upon adoption, can be excused from facing their past. For others, you must answer the above questions if you must get out from poverty. This also includes those who sadly bear their father's first name as surname, and not their ancestral name.


You retain the right to hold on to the erroneous belief that 'Old things are passed away, ….', and vehemently disagree with the assertion that your ancestors have any contribution to your present and future affairs. I advise that you get a proper education of the knowledge of God, regarding this truth that your future will forever be hinged to your past (Exodus 3:15; 12:14; 17:16; 20:5; 34:7; Numbers 14:18; Deuteronomy 5:9; 2Kings 10:30; 15:12; Genesis 17:1-12; Psalms 33:11; 45:17; 48:13; 49:11,19; 71:18; 78:4-8; 79:13; 85:5; 89:1-4; 90:1; 100:5; 102:12,18; 105:8; 106:31; 109:13; 119:90; 135:13; 145:4-13). 

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