Why Akwa Ibom People Should Embrace Biafra

When you mention Biafra, an average Akwa Ibom person is bothered by fear of two possibilities:

1. Dominance, economically and politically by Igbos in Biafra.
2. Winner takes all: Possible insistence that Igbos spearheaded the struggle and as such, they rule (Mugabe case study).

Addressing the Fears:

1. Asari Dokubo in his Biafra 101 enlightening video series stressed that Biafra would be everything Nigeria should have been, or rather was, before 1966.

Biafra would be made up of autonomous and strong confederating units and a weak center, therefore sealing any fear that one Igbo man would be controlling the resources of Akwa Ibom or Ijaw man.

Each State or unit will control and manage its affairs. The center will only be strong when confronting an external threat as each confederating unit will stand together in unity.

2. In the 60s, there were reports of Igbos allegedly taking over towns in Akwa Ibom/Cross River and renaming them with Igbo names. The new state of Biafra just would not allow that as orders would not be planned and issued from Enugu or any other capital city; rather each unit Head/Governor/Premier would be responsible for its territory without waiting for orders from the center.

Akwa Ibom Police shall be manned by Akwa Ibom indigenes as there will be no national transfer and as such no possibility of one tribe coming to take over the security of a unit.

Biafran Army Barracks in Akwa Ibom will be manned by personnel from Akwa Ibom as outlined in the compulsory limited time military service. However, personnel can be sent to other unit for training purposes only not permanent station.


Akwa Ibom elites and indigenes should understand that the quest for resources control that has been unjustly denied by the Fulani Oligarchy can only be achieved under Biafra.

Only in Biafra will Akwa Ibom control its oil wells, employ its sons and daughters in the petroleum industry as well as build, own and operates its own seaport. Under Biafra, no Yoruba, Fulani, Igbo or even Ijaw will be controlling resources at the detriment of Akwa Ibom people.

Even though the Igbos are much more than other tribes in Biafra, the numerical strength of a section of a country can never be used to control the other part of the country as each would manage its affairs independently.

Biafra will have 4 main seaport to accelerate economic development; the Onne port on Rivers, Calabar Port in Cross River, Ibaka Port in Akwa Ibom and Onitsha Port in Anambra from the dredged River Niger.

“They (North) like us only because of our Oil”, NNPC has been reconstituted and not one Akwa Ibom man is on the board rather men from the North have been positioned to control our resources. We have a fairer deal with Biafra!

It’s time Akwa Ibom elites and leaders to start discussing with the Igbo and Ijaw leaders on a favorable blueprint for Biafra instead of waiting on the sidelines.


We shouldn’t be afraid of war! Biafra would be achieved without war. Only barbarians, like some of their Arabic extremists, believes everything must be achieved through war and bombing.

This is 21st century, the UN Charter which Nigeria is a signatory has enshrined the right to self-determination for every ethnic group in the world, all we need to do now is to keep talking, hold conferences, rallies worldwide and engage world leaders.

France has recognized the Biafran struggle; a 30 minutes documentary on IPOB on its International TV France24 highlights the marginalization of the people of Biafran region in Nigeria. Russia and Israel are also favorable to the cause. Sooner or later, referendum will be pushed to the UN Security Council.

Referendum is coming and Akwa Ibom must be enlightened and should be at the forefront to vote for equity, justice and resource control in Biafra for the sake of the unborn generations

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Comment by Charlotte W. Mason on September 5, 2017 at 11:04am

Great post)

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