Critics (including us) had a lot to say Wholesale Corset about January Jones' structured Versace frock on the red carpetlast night.

But lingerie garter set at least one star is coming to her defense: "They showed her on the freaking JumboTron and then they were talking smack about her," Kathy Griffin told E! News at the HBO afterparty.

For anyone not lucky enough to get into Nokia Theatre lingerie bra and panties at last night's Emmys, here's what went down

Access Hollywood's Billy Bush was roasting the Mad Men star on a preshow broadcast that was played into the theater mdash;where the actress and other celebs were seated, waiting for the awards ceremony to begin!

It was "very uncomfortable and bizarre," said Griffin mdash;who's no stranger to awkward moments mdash;adding, "Everyone is wrong. I love the way January Jones looks tonight."

"They were doing all the misses while we were in the theater," added True Blood star Sam Trammell. "It was so uncool."

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