As you read this, Nigerians have resigned themselves to fate as regards the removal of subsidy on petroleum products and will henceforth buy their fuel at a higher price. One thing is however absolute, the sacrifice by Nigerians must not be in vain. Someone or some people must put their reputation on the line so that the efforts by Nigerians will not be the same old story as its been since the dawn of time. Who will stick out his or her neck to shelter the light the Nigerian people have agreed to shine for our continuous existence as a Nation? Truth be said, trust has been broken, although heart will heal. If Nigerians decides to hope again, who'll give them the vow to hold on to? This must be uppermost in the heart of President Goodluck Jonathan and members of his government. Some of us who live outside Nigeria are always tunned to happenings in Nigeria because he who knows it, feels it. The Lord chastises whom he loves says the scripture, so whenever Nigeria makes headline news in Europe, the eyes of all well-meaning Nigerians are pointed towards the Capital city of Abuja, and criticisms will role out just for one reason, the Love of a Nation. It is not necessary to say that the press here are only interested in negative reports when it concerns Africa, suffice it to say that the trend will only change if and only if we Africans start telling our own stories. Back to the subsidy issue, during the strike by the organised labour, some opinion leaders in their efforts to weep more than the bereaved and advance their personal agenda went way above board. Mr Tunde Bakare crossed the yellow line when he called for the impeachment of a democratically elected President of Nigeria simply because the Trade unions were exercing their rights to engage in a strike action. The statement credited to Mr Bakare was to say the least preposterous, you don't kill a fly with a sledgehammer. Furthermore,  Mr Tunji Braithwaite and his supporters should not be a clog in the wheel of Nigeria's progress. The President as the Commander-in-Chief of the Nigerian Armed Forces has every right to dispatch the Nigerian Army to any part of the country where civil order is been threatened without seeking the permission of any Governor, Senator, Legislator, you name it. The President decides and others fall in line, there is just nothing to say to that. Anyone who has a problem with that should call for a National conference so that Nigerians can decide how to delegate more powers to the regions thereby reducing the concentration of power at the center. Officially the organised Labour have accepted the increase in fuel, their next line of action should be to mobilise their activists in various States to impress on all State Governors to borrow a copy from the Governor of Edo State Mr Oshiomole who recently outlined measures to alleviate the hardship that will result from the rise in price of fuel in his State, that way the people will know that their agitation was not in vain. President Goodluck Jonathan should on his part be faithful to his commitment to reduce the costs in running his administration and above all fight corruption as it unfolds regarding the cabals who have been sucking the Nation dry through the subsidy on petroleum products. Nigerians have tried and they're troubled that nothing seems to be working in the country. When will Nigerians heave a sigh of relief and exclaim, 'Thank Heavens! A Greater Power has noticed us and decided that the travails of the Nation is over'?

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