By: Rosauro M. Angeles

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Graft and corruption is a cancerous and malignant disease whose widespread ill effects affect hundred of millions of Nigerians.


Today, there are two fine gentlemen whose election offering is to prescribe a cure-all medicine for graft and corruption.

Who is the real corruption czar, Buhari or Ribadu?  Both had colorful careers in government and are both carrying the tags of corruption busters.


General Buhari was a military leader who formerly ruled and had risen to power in Nigeria by virtue of a coup-d-etat.  He is believed to have authoritarian tendencies. He reasoned that the coup-d-etat was necessary to rid out Nigeria of wide spread corruptions.


General Buhari institutionalized the “War against Indiscipline” of which up to this day was acknowledged as the most successful government campaign that propagated and instilled orderly behavior in conducting both public and private affairs in Nigeria since Independence Day.


 As a General, he played a significant role in re-taking the 19 islands in the Lake of Chad that was taken by invading Chadian soldiers in 1983.


He courageously attempted to unearth the truth behind the allegations of graft and corruptions in the Ministry of Defense. This brave attempt was widely believed to be the reason why he was overthrown from power on August of 1985 by members of Supreme Military Council led by General Babangida.


General Buhari lost by wide margins in the presidential elections of 2003 and 2007 to Obasanjo and Yar’ Adua respectively of which he said was both marred with massive electoral frauds.


On the other hand, Ribadu better known as the anti-corruption crusader of Nigeria has an image and trade mark that has become a popular house hold name in every corner of Nigeria in terms of busting corruption.


 It can be remembered that under his helm with Economic Financial Crime Commission (EFCC), he issued thousands of indictments. Out of that, he achieved 270 convictions of which the most prominent case involved the Nigerian Inspector General who was then his immediate superior. His boss, Mr. Tafa Balogun, was convicted, jailed and made to return to the government coffers 150 Million Pounds under a plea bargain agreement.


Under his credit is the now popular “419”, the advance fee fraud to counter illegal activities usually perpetrated by gang operators and scam-minded individuals. Ribadu also actively handed evidences that helped prosecuted foreign businessmen who offered bribe while doing business in Nigeria.


His bigger-than-life achievement in the field of police enforcement in the area of graft and corruption made him as the most noted corruption buster in the whole of Africa and with him EFCC made the name accordingly as the most prominent anti-corruption agency respected not only in Africa, but throughout the whole world.


As proof, Ribadu was able to have Nigeria de-listed from the FATF list of non-cooperative countries and territories. Nigeria was likewise admitted into the prestigious Egmont Group and the consequent withdrawal of the US Treasury FINCEN Advisory on Nigeria.

"Who is the real corruption czar, Buhari or Ribadu?"

In the limited context above where the writer is aware of, I encourage every concerned Nigerians to contribute and enlightened the writer and its readers either trough a separate blog write-up and or to comment in this article so that an active discussion and informed decision will be reached on who between the two fine gentlemen can offer a cure-all medicine to heal the land of its debilitating disease infamously called as corruption.  

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