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D.I.S GUISE is a young film maker, with background experience in music production
and graphic design, he committed to music at a young age after watching then hip
hop teenage acts such as Kriss Kross, Kid and play. D.I.S was born in west
Africa, hence the African tropical sounds influence his songs, he was inspired to
make music in the likes of Kidjo, Fela Anikulapo kuti, vyonne shaka shaka, Brenda
fasse, and others mixed with hip hop and contemporary music.

As an adolescent, D.I.S GUISE was fascinated with the idea of disguises and how
they could transform a person from one to another, he believed that everybody had
at least 2 disguises to their everyday life, one wore for social acceptance and
the other worn when we are being our true natural selves. D.I.S has chosen to
wear both disguises and talk about issue that would not be brought up in the
modern music society. D.I.S’s mask represents the facelessness of the everyday
person he has chosen to stand for. “There are millions of people out there that
have stories to tell but don’t have that pitchman, or voice to tell it to the
world” he said, when asked what he does music for. GUISE knows that music is
suppose to be a medium to express feeling about life, and since modern artist
only seem to see the “bling bling” side of life, he has made it mandatory to
address the young girl who wrongfully got rape, the government’s plot to control
citizens, the single mother struggling to raise 4 kids, the immigrant fighting
for his rights as a human being, the lover boy who got betrayed by his partner
and the list goes on.

D.I.S GUISE’s mixtape “I USED TO THINK I WAS LIKE YOU” which would be released
under his new record label CODE RED ENT, addresses the society’s idea of normal
and abnormal. This mixtape explores the person society wants us to be as opposed
to who we really are, we watch TV and try to incorporate things we see into our
lives because that’s what is considered “COOL”, and if otherwise is done the
individual involved is not regarded as an active part of society, hence they do
not matter, in this social commentary mixtape guise challenges minds and makes it
sooth the ears.

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