Muammar Gaddaffi's death is being widely reported in the media, and based on some self-righteous comments on Facebook, I updated,

"No matter how much of a monster Gadhafi was, Libya was better under him in the last 30 years than Nigeria with our mixed military democracy. The people who killed him are the same people killing Nigerians and other black Africans with reckless abandon. Why should any Nigerian or African for that matter be happy about his death?"

Libyans who have experienced the oppression under Gaddafi are of course within their rights to rejoice. But for others, especially Africans, I think the circumstances of his death should give pause for thought. Libya until a few months ago was one of the best countries in Africa, all the development indices were comparable to some countries in Europe. Gaddafi himself had always stood for Pan-Africanism and allowed black Africans to live and work in the country. I remember seeing him once in Abuja at an African Leaders summit to campaign for solving the HIV/AIDS issue on the continent. Was he a saint? Probably not.

But what makes the situation problematic was that his ousting and death were orchestrated by NATO, an organisation whose antecedents in Africa has not particularly been without ulterior motives. They seem to only care about removing heads of state that do not bow to their wishes, to the extent of installing despots and championing them even in the face of tyranny - example Mobutu Sese Seko. If NATO is so charitable, why aren't they assisting in Sudan and Somalia? NTC are the new leaders of Libya, but what do we know of them other than their guerrilla war against the former regime and the paranoid murdering of black Aficans?

Going forward, I do wish Libyans all the best. There has been a lot of destruction in the last few months and there needs to be commensurate hard work to bring the country to a better place.

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Comment by Himanshu Mishra on August 6, 2019 at 8:35am

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Comment by chris "ezumezu" ogige on October 22, 2011 at 10:57pm
There is no doubt tat those who felt Gaddafi is a bad leader and have cause their hapiness have the right to rejoice with the western leaders claiming plotical victory, but as a product of hustling in Libya i know the political hypocrites behind the NORTH ATLANTIC TERRORIST ORGANAZATION [NATO]. For those who has been in Libya, they will attest to the truth that Libya is not what western terrorist paints it, people of Libya undoubtly are far better than most western citizen, Liyans never lack jobs, housing and medical care, the infrastructure are far better than most european nations, there currency worth more, unlike western nations where homelessness especially in America is perverance, that is not the case in Libya. America today has become a homeless nation where old and young sleeps in parks, in the train, and shelter. Libya is not that nation. Libya rich oil and Gaddafi resistance to western puppetry have been the stcking point of western enemity. Gaddafi may not be the best leader so also the western leaders who are suppressing the citizen through the so call democratic system. . Now the die has been cast, Gaddafi is death who is next.For corrupt puppet African leaders, it is shame as they stand by and allow one of their own to be slaughter in  altar of wester hypocrites is indelible stain on African continent.African dependant on token change from the west undoubtly has make African leader not just puppet of their wester counterparts but a hand bag of their mistress. I was in Libya i saw with my eyes, i will not be deceive by wester propaganda analyst who cannot indentify Libya in a map. For the Libyans celebrating today, they will cry tomorrow for the resurrection of Gaddafi when dust is clear. The defeat the West will never acknowledge is that Gaddafi kept to his words "never to be puppet of the west, never to run away from his country, vowed to fight to the last, vowed to die in Libya, that is the defeat the terrorist of North Atlantic will have to wrestle with. Gaddfi defeat them  alife and in death, the hero has falling , MAY YOUR SOUL REST IN PEACE.

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