Today, as I flew back and forth through Biblical times, from Moses through Elijah, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Amos, etc., to John the Baptist and the apostles, I was re-awakened to the fact that these men, in their day, led the struggle against corruption, misgovernance, and injustice. In contrast, most of our modern, respectable men of God, for whom I have high regard, have never demanded or led their congregation to demand good governance and justice for God's children here on earth.

Contrarily, what I have seen is a sorry state of affair, where pastors (and imams too) bless the very oppressors of God's children and are eager to revel in style in the company of the oppressors. They maintain an ungodly and inexcusable indifference to brazen corruption in high places and refuse to denounce misgovernance.

At the same time, they tell their followers that God is a God of justice and that he detests corruption. That, you would think, should make them the most fiery apostles for justice and institutional uprightness. They exhort their followers to be good citizens and obey the laws of the land. Yet they very much enjoy the company of those who break the laws the most, i.e. our rulers, not because it affords them the opportunity to declare to these oppressors the massage of truth, justice, and good governance, but because it affords them opportunity to supplicate for money and other material goods.

How is it that such highly respected men of God as Oyedepo, Adeboye, Kumuyi, Oritsejafror, Oyakhilome, Abiara, etc are not on the front line of our national struggle for justice and against corruption. They have the clout and resources to stand up and fight for God's children and for this nation. But they have maintained an indifference that continue to strengthen the oppressors and despoilers of this nation. No, prayer is not enough. They have a solemn duty to demand and move their people to demand for good governance and justice.

Yes, it is their calling to prepare their followers for that heavenly utopia, where God’s children shall be clothed in flowing, dazzling robes; where there shall be neither hunger nor crime; where oppression should have been eternally banished. But here on earth, in this present world of which we are most certain, God’s children need three healthy meals a day; God’s children need shoes for their feet and shirts on their backs; God’s children need decent housing for their families. Yes, God’s children need justice and respect for their humanity. God’s children need truth and good governance from their leaders.

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