Just of recent,Nigeria turns 51. where are we coming from? where are we now & where are we heading to? 51 years of insecurity, unemployment,sufferness,epileptic power supply,poor road network, political unrest to mention but a few. [email protected], it is never too late to sit back so as to find a lasting solution to the nation's problems. Dedication,honesty,selfless service,truthfulness, commitment and above all, to be just in every action performed will go a long way in solving these militating problems. [email protected],where we are coming from is nothing to write home about but we could mend our wrongs so far in order to have a better nation in the nearest [email protected], few words are enough for a wise.Im now seizes this opportunity to wish [email protected] happy bithday.

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Comment by Ibechi Elijah on December 20, 2013 at 5:25pm
Back then! what do we think of now with greater tasks? Boko haram, oil theft, kidnapping and deceit? God help us oooooooo.

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